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Feds want to stop IT immigrant programs

By jmottl ·
The Department of Defense is proposing a complete hlt to immigrant visas for those working in the U.S. technology field, citing national security issues.
The issue of immigrant labor, and the longtime H1-B visa program, is a hot topic and we want your opinion of what the DOD's plan means for you as a tech leader, your enterprise, and even your professional career path.

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by rrgilmore_2001 In reply to "those people"

I tell you what INS can't even handle the borders
we have let alone handle the immagrants comming from the Hindu and a Muslim (as you put it ) region.
I do not know what they are going to do, because if some terriost get thier hand on top secret data
from the pentagon, because some under paid INS agent did not do thier job right.
Well you can see where I AM GOING WITH THIS!

I do not think it is a good Idea to let anyone in without a full investigation at there cost not ours.

If this means they have to go into some kind of camp untill they are cleared.
If this means we can only let so many in a year.

If we can prevent anther 9-11-2001 from happening again.

I am all for it.

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About time

by irv In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

It's about time that someone limited this program. It is nothing but a cop out for cheap labor for companies. If "qualification" is the argument then companies need to start "growing their own" instead of using the existing employees up and then throwing them away. Companies used to do that and then write it off as a cost of doing business, but maybe there is no tax break anymore?

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Now's the best time.

by bobmatch In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

With lots of tec workers out looking for a job, now is the best time to limit immigrant visas. It seems to me the need for visas just aren't needed.

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Deceptive article!

by MGelman In reply to Feds want to stop IT immi ...

From what I read in the article, DOD is talking about limiting access to *DOD* projects -- which they already do now!

Nothing about wider sanctions or closing down the H1-B program. Most IT work done in the commercial world doesn't have national security implications.

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Yes it Does

by Garion11 In reply to Deceptive article!

It does have security implications. So does owning a Dunkin Donuts, washing a car, working in the U.S. The thing is, it boils down to money. The terrorists need financing. What is the richest country in the world? Exactly.

They work here (in IT or whatever), send the money back to their overseas accounts...and hallelleuah.

One of the terrorists involved in September 11th owned a Dunkin Donuts. Go figure. So we start at the technology side and move down and flush the rats away in the process.

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by binaryvision In reply to Yes it Does

I agree with this wholeheartedly.

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commercial world

by rrgilmore_2001 In reply to Deceptive article!

Does that include airlines?
Does that include banks? Does that include credit card companies?
Does that include oil and gas companies?
Oh ya! Headlines read toluene accident.
Computer operated valve fails kills thousands.
Ya know there are distilleries in LA and the SF bay area.
Hers anther one is you don't like that one computer operated switch for railroad fails.
YA I know the switch for the railroad is a little heavy.

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The bottom line is

by Garion11 In reply to commercial world

money, period. It doesn't matter what industry they are screwing around in, the money gets transported back into their web.

Remember this, money rules the world, and whoever controls money, controls the world. Those people are a bunch of leeches, its a funny thing, but they need us for their own survival (when was the last time you had money pouring out of Afghans). If we reconginze their need we are already 1 step ahead of them. Get it?

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What to defend?

by Packratt In reply to Deceptive article!

Let us look at it this way, what did the terrorists target?

The pentagon, so there is an argument to protect sensitive government data.

But, they also deliberately damaged the economy with the attack on the trade center...

But it seems thacorporate America is unconcerned about being vulnerable whereas the government does much to protect itself... Maybe that's because executives spend more time on the golf courses and don't worry about risking their lives in the office buildings so long as they save a dollar for their own pocket at our expence.

Yet, there is a more subtle aspect to why the IT industry should be considered a defense industry... What do you think the government uses for it's systems? Haven't you seen the software that is restricted from export?

It is funny though, how government is so willing to defend itself at any cost but unwilling to protect the people who they are supposed to serve.

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by Garion11 In reply to What to defend?

why so many executives died in the 11th attack. They must have had a golf course on the roof of one of the buildings.

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