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Feedback on HP vs Dell systems

By kristindewey ·
Since my m-board is faulty, I have to buy a new computer. I've heard both good and bad things about both. Which would you prefer? I would only be using it for home use (photos, ITunes,etc. not much gaming).
Appreciate your feedback!!

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I own one of each

by Tig2 In reply to Feedback on HP vs Dell sy ...

Well, more than one. I'm a toy junkie!

The Dell laptop. Probably the less I say about it the better. The keyboard on this theoretically "ruggedized" POS was replaced once and broke again. There were errors in the BIOS that required frequent updating. The onboard mouse was a joke. I had to take the step of purchasing a USB keyboard to even use the darned thing because the input devices would fail for no good reason after startup. I don't like the monster and once I have cleaned it off, I will likely turn it into a test box or something.

I am writing from an HP. This is my second. Both have been impeccable in terms of performance and durability. This one is a dv9000, my fiance has a dv8000, we got his mom a dv6000. We all love our machines. I also have an older HP that I use as a test box. The same as our laptops, it is a solid box that tolerates a lot.

I would look REALLY hard at the HP.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Feedback on HP vs Dell sy ...

I choose HP products. I currently have moved 2 brothers, and a few other people from Dell systems (they constantly complained about different things) and onto HP systems in the last year or so. I have not had to work on any of those systems since moved.

Also, I am using HP devices at work. We do not do Dell here.
However, for a new system it may depend on your wants/needs as well.
Dell is offering XP and Linux (soon) on new systems, rather than Vista only. To get XP on a system from most manufacturers, you would only have the 'business class' systems to look at.
So, if you are looking at being Vista free for at least a few more months, I would suggest a Dell for now. If you want Vista, then every vendor is open to you.

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by deepsand In reply to Personally
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build your own

by SPEED95 In reply to Feedback on HP vs Dell sy ...

I say build your own if possible. Both HP and Dell have purchased high end system builders Hp has Falcon and Dell Alienware.
The problem is that both companies customer services are terrible. i have an alienware computer it cost me $5000 to buy but after my experience with the dell customer service people I will swap out my m-board and build another before i wait 90 days to get my system back again. and i purchased the at home service for $300. so avoid the aggravation buy a large tower swap you m-board and replace and our build your own computer. i didnt mention HP because they are just terrible low end bottom of the barrel builders the only thing good from them are their printers which they give lousy support. So if you buy a new system and want support for it be wary of who you are buying from because bad support will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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I've yet to have a problem with Dell Dimension, OptiPlex or PowerEdge.

by deepsand In reply to Feedback on HP vs Dell sy ...

I've been using Dell for over 4 years; of the various product lines & models used, the only problem ever was a hard drive that failed in its 3rd year; Dell had a technician with a replacement on-site the next day.

My experiences with HP/Compaq have not been terrible, but there have been enough, both in number & kind, that I'm disinclined to take another chance with them.

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No problem, many different

by w2ktechman In reply to I've yet to have a proble ...

opinions for a manufacturer. All of them have problems, and often one is dominant for a while, and then another one is.
In the late 90's I had problems with HP, in the early 2k I had problems with Dell.
HP is now (by sales) the largest manufacturer (Dell was before), so Dell is revamping to re-take the throne.
This might mean that Dell will make better products and offer better support.... I do not know yet though.
This happens in business often. Especially when more than one business decides to 'make it to the top'.

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One important & consistent difference that I've noticed is that ...

by deepsand In reply to No problem, many differen ...

unlike Dell, problems with HP/Compaq systems seem to be inversely related to the "power" of the machine; i.e. low-end boxes are more likely to be troublesome than are their high-end ones.

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In my opinion

by w2ktechman In reply to One important & consisten ...

low end boxes from anywhere are going to be more troublesome.
Even if building my own box, buying the low end components means I may have issues down the road. That is a main reason that I usually end up spending $$$$ to get a good system up and running.

But yes, I got a shipment of DC7700sff systems, and these have been full of problems. low cost -- and barely worth it.
And the funny thing, you hit it on the nose, power issues seem to be the plague on these. However, disabling power management in the BIOS has resolved most of the issues.

I actually had one of these all setup and working fine, I placed it at the users desk and could not get the DVD burner to read a cd. replaced the cd drive and it killed the keyboard and mouse. replaced those and it has worked fine since????
I still do not trust this model though.

For the most part I have been happy with the HP equipment that we have. And for home models I have a Pavilion desktop which works fine (when I use it anymore).

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It was a Pavilion that really soured me on HP.

by deepsand In reply to In my opinion

HP's proprietary mods to XP didn't play well with others, HD began failing prematurely, boot failed before I could repartition, & access to Recovery Console not provided by HP.

I've replaced it with a Dell OptiPlex 740, and am a happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

In the down time, however, Verizon cut my DSL speed. Previously I was getting T1 speeds; now I'm at one-quarter of that. Now, if they'd also cut my monthly bill by 75% I might not be so pissed. Now I really know what the kids mean when they say "stop being so dial-up!"

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by w2ktechman In reply to It was a Pavilion that re ...

I have had few problems with Pavilions, and I oft recommend them. Also, never had a problem with recovery console. But the Pavilion line covers just about everything for home users. There are good and bad models.
Glad you got a system that you like. That is the important part.
It also goes to prove the point of the original poster. That they hear too many people with too may problems for each vendor. Our experiences with the same companies seems to differ quite a bit.

So, the result, flip a coin! Each manufacturer has faults, bad products, and bad service. They also have good products and good service for others.
the only way to know for sure is to try each out (expensive) or go with the system that most fits your needs. If it does not work out, try a different manufacturer next time

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