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Fighting Breast Cancer

By Tig2 ·
We have just celebrated Mother?s Day. Where I live that is also the day that we run and walk the ?Race for a Cure? to benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Another event upcoming- again in my area anyway, is the Breast Cancer 3 Day, a 60 mile walk with the intent of raising awareness of breast cancer and, of course, raising funds. It is sponsored by the National Philanthropic Trust and benefits the Komen as well as the NPT?s ongoing breast cancer research.

Today I walked the Komen. In August, I will walk the Breast Cancer 3-Day. As a survivor. Scary- at least to me.

What has me on my personal soapbox is two-fold. First that these organisations have been so bombarded by people wanting to participate but not wanting to take on the more distasteful task of fund-raising that the organisations have been forced to take the step of setting registration requirements- $25 for the Komen, $90 for the 3 Day in order to insure that they do not experience losses. In the case of the 3 Day, there is also a fund-raising minimum requirement, fully disclosed up-front.

What irritates me is that folks are choosing to participate in the ?cool event? rather than embracing the goals that the sponsors are promoting. And that has resulted in losses and break evens for both event organisers.

When I made the decision to participate in the 3 Day, it was with the knowledge that I would be required to do two things- raise a minimum of $2200 and increase my endurance to insure that I was physically capable of walking 20 miles a day for three consecutive days. Truthfully, my last tan was acquired from too many hours in front of a monitor. I can now manage a 10+ mile walk without killing myself. And I have 14 weeks of training left to go. The litmus test will be when I get to the 18 mile/15 mile back to back walks.

Raising $2200 was never my goal. Raising $5000 IS- based on an average for a single chemotherapy treatment for an uninsured/underinsured individual. I am halfway there.

The focus of events like these is to raise AWARENESS and funds to benefit those organisations that are committed to finding a cure to a VERY curable disease. I am daily amazed by the number of women who tell me that they have NEVER done a self exam. Or that thought that since there is no family history, they aren?t at risk. Or tell me that they would rather slit their wrists than live with the loss of a breast. Or the men who tell me that they don?t have to worry about it- men don?t get breast cancer.

Holy Moley people! Is this really indicative of the thoughts people have about breast cancer??? More than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year and more than 40,000 American women and MEN will lose their lives to the disease. Yes, American. We KNOW that Asian communities are hit harder. It just hasn?t been fully quantified. One person is diagnosed with breast cancer every 3 minutes. Every 13 minutes, the disease claims another life in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about the disease, go to

The statistics are overwhelming. Even more so when you consider that there is the face of a man or woman behind every single number.

I have been hearing about the importance of self exam and diligence in this regard for over 20 years. I find it hard to believe that we are still so uninformed.

I don?t care if you are male or female, belong to a risk category, would really rather not consider it. Take a moment, find out how the disease can impact you, find out how to mitigate your risk. Choose to communicate that STOPPING the STOPPABLE is important to you.

The reason this ended up in discussion instead of being a blog is that I am interested in hearing your opinions. Why is it that the only support traction that these organizations can get is being the ?cool event?? What preconceived notions hang out in the back of your brain about breast cancer? What can you choose to do that will help to increase someone else?s awareness? ARE you willing to increase someone else?s awareness???

I can tell you one of the reactions I have gotten that I was totally unprepared for. In conversations with people I have known or worked with for several years, I discovered that my peer was having the conversation with my bust line. A couple of people were honest enough to ask which one isn?t real. Curiosity kinda misplaced if you ask me?

If you have feedback that you feel you don?t want public, please feel free to PM me. If there is additional information that you would like, also PM me- I have all sorts of fact links.

Please- take a moment for awareness. This disease does not have to claim more lives.

I believe that a committed group of men and women can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has.
Margaret Mead

Anyone interested in supporting either of these organisations, please PM me for details. I don?t think that it is appropriate to use this site for fund raising efforts so have chosen to not provide direct links.

Editied for sanity and to prove to myself that I am not barking. Thank you for your patience :)

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jaqui should correct his "statistics"

by maxwell edison In reply to Jacqui. I don't want to d ...

I agree with you, Neil, in that people should never take health issues lightly. But to grossly misrepresent the statistics, it isn't helping anyone.

Breast cancer in men (as I'm sure you know), while it does exist, is extremely rare.

jaqui does this sort of thing all the time, spout off some absurd "statistic", and then will neither correct it or justify it.

In this case, however, if we give him the benefit of the doubt, we might assume he just forgot the decimal point, since the percentage of occurrence in men is closer to .25 percent (one-fourth of one percent).

So Neil, just say it. Yes, you DO want to disagree with jaqui. I sure do!

I just hate it when people throw out some made-up number or "fact" to make a point. And people do it all the time on any subject or issue. (In fact, ninety percent of all statistics are just made-up!)

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Lies, D@mn Lies and Statistics

by Tig2 In reply to jaqui should correct his ...

Unfortunately, I can prove any stance you want to take just given the numbers. Massage a bit and you get the answer you want- big surprise!

I will tell you straight from the top- I know woefully little about the incidence of breast cancer in men. I know it happens. When I did patient care, I had a couple of male BC patients. What we have to work with are statistics. Poor substitute for facts.

Jaqui stated two things that he knows without question. He has had treatment for suspicious lumps. He will likely have that treatment again due to what is known and his risk factors.

When I had my surgery, I was told flatly that I would have to stay cancer free for ten yearas before I would be considered "cured". Even then, they don't use the word "cured". You are simply cancer free wtih a hope and a prayer of a normal life. I have a cousin who fought Hodgkins as a senior in college. Twenty odd years later he is simply cancer free. Thank God.

I would propose that while the numbers may be off, Jaqui was simply trying to bring into light that this is not a just a chick disease. It is an equal opportunity killer and men should be as aware of it as they are of prostate cancer or testicular cancer. In both of those, as with breast cancer, early detction is key. In order to acheive early detection, we must have awarenness.

I understand that both you and Neil are simply seeking the straight numbers. I agree that facts are important. What I would suggest is that there is a known fact that men are at risk and that BSE is the only path to early detection and cure.

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by In reply to Fighting Breast Cancer

There is something lacking in all breast cancer subjects and that is iodine.
So make sure to eat a bunch of Sushi, becasue you NEED to eat iodine rich foods like sea weed.
If anyone wants more info and what to talk to me please do.

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Fighting Breast Cancer
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You asked for it...

by Tig2 In reply to Edited out

NeverBusted and any others who care to make a donation to The 3 Day!

Point your browser to

You will see me. Try to not be afraid. I only occaisionally scare small children, you know...

You can make a secure online donation. You can also print a donation form. If you prefer to donate offline, please put my name and participant ID on your check. You will find this information on the donation form. Want to know how your information is handled? Go to and read the privacy policy.

There is also a phone number- toll free- that you can call for additional information, questions, whatever. The 3 Day staff is always available to help you.

Incidentally... the Breast Cancer 3 Day is a project of the National Philanthropic Trust. 85% of all monies raised go to the benefit of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. 15% goes to the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Research Project. 100% helps me reach MY personal goal of $5000.

Please feel free to go to my website and pass my address to everyone you know. By using the site as a central point for donations, we are better able to stay within the audit requirements for a 501(c)(3) and insure that all donations are handled by a reputable party. If you donate online and provide an email address, you will instantly receive a receipt for tax purposes. If you choose to donate by mail, please insure that you have put your email address on the donation form. If you do not receive a receipt within 4 weeks, simply call the toll free number and request one. I want anyone choosing to donate to this to know where their money is going and I also want you to have access to necessary information about your privacy.

My website is an open book. I personally have spread it around to large numbers of people. the more, the merrier!

Please note- I am providing this information because so many of you wonderful people have been asking for a direct route to donate. I strongly believe that TR shouldn't have to get involved. I also want all of you to understand- I am not soliciting funds. In response to a number of points in a number of threads I am providing you with the best and safest approach to donating to something I believe in. I hope that TR and my peers understand that.

"I believe that a small group of committed men and women can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
*Margaret Mead*

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charity Moonwalk :)

by rob mekel In reply to Fighting Breast Cancer

Just ran into an article on a charity walk in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now that is a way to get the attention on the subject. :) Alltho I think that a lot of women do not agree, special if they had breast cancer. What do you think TT, is it over the top or on the right spot to get the attention.

What I don't get why is it not on the international date of running for cancer? Can anyone enlighten me!


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I think it's GREAT!

by Tig2 In reply to charity Moonwalk :)

While I will admit that I had a difficult time with the loss initially, I have discovered that it is only as important as I make it. I still have limits- my bikini days are over. But that might just be because I am over 40...

The men on my team have all remarked that they have never been in a place where women are as open about their breasts as with the 3 Day. One woman on my team decorates her tent with a giant pink bra. The more a thing has to be hidden, the more difficult it is to feel normal. So we don't hide much. We have been talking about having a Survivor wet tee-shirt contest. Many of us have not had re-constructive surgery. But we know that we can do some serious fund raising with this.

One of the things that comes from the different walks and races is the sense that a survivor is still a woman, still beautiful, still desireable. Those are feelings that go away with surgery. Women feel less feminine, less desirable, less WHOLE with the loss of a breast. Along with raising money and awareness, these events provide a place of normalcy.

I just wish I could get to Scotland to walk with them! No way just now that I could afford to do that but I have a target for next year.

And to answer your other question, Mother's Day is a pretty standard day for awareness events but October is Cancer Awareness month. Many events happen throughout the year and are based on time and convenience. The 3 Day is in August for my city but will be held in a total of 18 cities between late July and mid November. The more events, widely spread, the better. I hear from someone every day that they are reminded to do a self exam or make an appointment for a mammogram because they have talked to me.

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A few years ago

by neilb@uk In reply to charity Moonwalk :)

One of my colleagues went on a Moon Walk in London. She was delighted at how easy it was to get (male) sponsors.

I think that it's an event that does the rounds of Britain's major cities. Have a look. It might be an idea for the US (the shy can wear their bras over t-shirts).

I've just noticed that this year's London event was sponsored by a bra manufacturer. Gotta be worth asking the US equivalent!

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Thanks for the link Neil!

by Tig2 In reply to A few years ago

I see that they have gone past the UK. I will try to get them to come here- I think it would be wonderful. Besides, after 60 miles, they can't really scare me off with distance!

I will be posting pics from the 3 Day in August. Don't be surprised at many women choose to walk wearing shorts and a sport bra!

Not me, not yet. I will stick to the tank top...

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Fighting Breast Cancer

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