File Folder Security - Deny Delete Folder and Move Folder to users

By gruple ·
We are having a problem at my office with people "accidentally" moving entire folders and I find them inside other folders or not at all. I also don't want them to be able to delete a folder.

Denying them access to the folders are not an option. They need to access some of the files inside and to be able to input information. I do not want them to be able to make any changes to the status or location, delete or move any folders or files in the directory.

I have turned on security that sets their permissions, but anyone who can access the folders themselves can delete or move them. I can't find anywhere to limit this. I know we can't be the only people who have had this problem before. Please, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Advanced Tab

by IC-IT In reply to File Folder Security - De ...

of the Security Tabs window.
On Advanced Tab, Select the User, Choose Edit. If You Uncheck (or Deny) the option to Delete SubFolders and Files, and Deny Delete, they will not be able to move or delete them. The one goofy side effect is that if they create a new folder within the share, they will not be able to rename it either.

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Any solution to "goofy side affect" ?

by sicon.teknik In reply to Advanced Tab

I want to prevent moving of folder on windows server file share, but if the side affect is that the user can?t create folders, it is not aa acceptable solution for our directory struture.
Is there an workaround or solution that will avoid the "goofy side affect"?

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This is what you are looking for!!

by TBoneTerwilliger In reply to Any solution to "goofy si ...

There is no goofy side effect. If the user creates a folder, they are the owner of that folder, so they can do whatever they want with that folder. Try these permissions out

Apply onto: This folder, subfolders and files

Traverse Folder/Execute File
List Folder/Read Data
Create Files/Write Data
Create Folders/Append Data

What you should get out of this is the user cannot move/delete existing files and folders, but any file or folder they create they will have full modify permissions. I have tested this and that's what happens. I am not assuming anything by reading text, these are what works. You can modify from this to get where you want to be.

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