File Search Locks Up Some Programs Under Windows 7

By Craig Dedo ·
Within the last month, I have had increasing problems with some programs locking up when I try to do a search of directories and files using either the File Open or File Save As commands. When this happens, Windows Task Manager shows the application as, "not responding" in the Applications tab. Prior to a month ago, I did not have this problem with any program.

I am running Windows 7 x64 Build 7601 SP1. I have all patches and updates installed.

I have adequate hardware resources. My desktop PC is an HP Pavilion Elite m9550f with an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9300, 8 GB RAM, and 1000 GB hard disk. The hard disk is only one third full.

Here is a list of the programs that lock up.
Acrobat Reader 10.7.1 by Adobe
Corel Paradox 11.0
TextPad 5.4.2 by Helios Software Solutions
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Lahey / GNU WiSK Resource Editor
TurboTax Premier 2012 by Intuit
USC - COCOMO II 2000.0

Many more programs DO NOT lock up. These include:
All programs in Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007
All of the programs in Corel WordPerfect Office Professional X6, except for Paradox. These include: Presentations, QuattoPro, Lightning, OfficeReady, and WordPerfect.
DesignCAD 3D max 21.0 by IMSI Design
Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0 by Nuance
Eclipse 4.2.0
EnergyPlus 7.2.0 by US Department of Energy
GSView 5.0 by Ghostgum Software
Logitech Webcam
MICA 2.2.2 by Faircom and US Naval Observatory
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
Microsoft Project 2007
Microsoft Visio 2007
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (NOT 2012)
OmniPage Pro 18 by Nuance
PaperPort 14.2 by Nuance
Take Command x64 12.11.76
Windows 7 Explorer

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? Does anyone else have this or a similar problem? Please give me ideas what I can do to fix it.

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One of three things

by robo_dev In reply to File Search Locks Up Some ...

1) Your hardrive is failing
2) You have a virus/malware issue
3) Your PC has a hardware fault

After making a complete backup I would:

Determine the brand of hard drive and obtain the manufacturer diagnostic programs. Run a full in-depth diagnostic on the drive. Locking up on file access could mean the drive is having issues reading data.

Do a system restore to a point in time when it was working properly....this will typically fix an issue caused by an application, a virus, or something like a Windows update.

Obtain the diagnostics for the PC and run them. I would particularly be sure to test memory.

Make sure the PC does not have dust in the air intakes, the fans are all working, and the processor heat sink is not packed with dust.

Not to get in too deep, but also inspect the capacitors on the motherboard for bulging or if the top has popped open on any of those. Capacitors are the cylindrical things that look like batteries with a peace sign stamped into the top.

The best long-term hardware test is to download a Linux distro such as Ubuntu Mint and run it off a USB jump drive. If Linux runs properly for weeks at a time, then Windows is at fault.

Personally I have this test running on four computers at home, and I have extended the test to include erasing the Windows OS entirely off the hard far no Windows issues have occurred on any of those computers :)

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