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Fill in the blank: The biggest threat to my network is ____

By sMoRTy71 ·
Use the title of your message to fill in the blank.

BTW, if you start your own "Fill in the Blank" thread, use the "blank" tag so others can find it.

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oh Dat's Me........ Myself : )

by nazil dsouza In reply to Fill in the blank: The bi ...

The biggest threat to my network is me myself cos at times i really get bugged by the users who put me into a weird situations by their crappy knowledge so i scare the **** out of them and they find me a bigger threat to their computer than a virus hahaha

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Users, users and yes you guessed it, users

by s.mcgahan In reply to oh Dat's Me........ Mysel ...

Need I say anything more ?

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Staff turn over

by tvanbure In reply to Fill in the blank: The bi ...

The biggest risk we have is losing key staff that know and maintain our infrastructure.

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Physical Threats

by rkuhn In reply to Fill in the blank: The bi ...

I know some will be tempted to flame me, but with years of preparation and decent budgets, we have a fairly solid network.

Malware attacks are just speed bumps.

I full fledged physical threat such as fire or flood would do us in for sure. Not forever, but for long enough that the losses would be incredible.

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actually . . .

by apotheon In reply to Physical Threats

You'd get less negative attention if you'd quit that passive-aggressive crap, like saying " I know some will be tempted to flame me, but with years of preparation and decent budgets, we have a fairly solid network."

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Wow Nice Response and Predictable

by rkuhn In reply to actually . . .

You seem to be quite emotional, is it your time of the month?

It's not called passive-aggressive crap. It's called I'm sick and tired of people constantly thinking the world will end tomorrow.

It's already starting to happen. I'm already seeing people like me agreeing that the glory days of malware has peaked.

Malware of all types will continue to be a problem. This is a never ending war. However, the technology and products out there are sufficient to protect oneself against 99% of the problems when implemented correctly.

We still have a lot of work to do, but it is relatively common knowledge now how to stop most attacks.

End users are as knowledgable as ever (still have a ways to go), more and more are using firewalls, AV, anti-spyware/adware, spam blocking, IDS, etc.

Don't get me wrong, we still have a long way to go. But 2006 isn't 2001. We've all heard it, the AV companies are drumming up alot of this's their bread and bread.

Do you really think Microsoft doesn't have a vested interest in closing security holes? Plenty of wild speculation about them wanting to get into the AV business and what not, but think about it.

The more time and resources they spend on fixing things is the less time and resources they have to innovation and create where the real money is.

Lastly, Linux zealots also have a vested interest in this. I'll grant you Linux is on the whole more secure. But really, Linux zealots resort to pretty low tactics to scare Windows users.

In my last job, we went 4 1/2 years and had only one minor outbreak. In my current job, we have gone 1 1/2 years and have had no outbreaks. That's a combined 6 years with one incidence.

That's two well run networks. Some luck, some skill. But the fear tactics of some just don't add up and are not my experience.

P.S. In the almost 30 posts in here, only 4 are about Microsoft. The rest are about backups, end users, lack of documentation, government regulations, etc.

I would of suspected a lot of different responses. When it comes down to it, backups, end users, and lack of documentation are USER ERRORS. For that matter, so is government regulations.

No mention so far about the lack of product capabilites. It usually boils down to lack of time, training, money, etc of which are all getting better over time.

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That was interesting.

by apotheon In reply to Wow Nice Response and Pre ...

I make a comment consisting of a sentence or two about your "woe is me, I'm just a victim" routine, and you respond with a thirty-minute rant.

. . . and yet, you say I'm the emotional one. To each their own.

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Well only having very limited experience

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wow Nice Response and Pre ...

I was working with computers in 1974 and have been ever since that time and while I did try to avoid the PC when the fad hit the streets I eventually got dragged Kicking & Screaming into that side of the business. Back then I used DR Dos and never touched MS DOS as it was no where flexable enough for my needs and I did need to copy betwen different size media which MS was incapable of doing with the XCOPY command.

Even when I was running Windoes 3 X I was still using DR DOS as the MS alternative just lacked the efficency to do things in a reasonable manner.

Well in all that time I've never suffered one infection other than a bit of harmless spyware which was picked up and routed out quickly buy not as YET any virus of any description but the opperative word here is YET!

If prefering any form of Nix over Windows makes me a Zellot that's something that I'm happy to live with particuarly when I go to MS Meetings and complain about the OS and I'm constantly told that I'm expecting Too Much from the OS as I'm constantly comparing the MS offering to a Comerical OS. I'm slightly confused here as isn't XP Pro being pushed on business as the solution to their needs but even the MS Techs admit that it has holes and can not be compared to A Real Comerical OS.

So perhaps you would like to tell me where it is that I'm making such a massive mistake in wanting the PC's that I support today to work as stabilly as the Mainframes that I used to maintain.


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RE: Physical Threats

by mjwx In reply to Physical Threats

The 25 lb sledge I want to take to that Win 2K3 SBS box.

Resisting the urge.

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I've got a mate here who

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RE: Physical Threats

Will park a 40 ton excivator on it if you give him half a chance.

He's done it to me once with a desktop and wanted to know if it could be repaired while the excivator was still sitting ontop of it well one of the tracks anyway. I would have missed that unit completely if he wasn't hanging ut of the window ssaying Warmer as I got closer and Colder as I walked past the thing. As I don't have a license to drive something like that I just left it where it was and suggested that maybe it was time for a new unit. :)


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