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Fill in the blank: The one thing I'd change about Google is...

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Imagine you're the new CEO of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have given you carte blanche to change any one thing about the company, and this will define your tenure as the chief executive--and directly affect your billion-dollar stock options. What would that one thing be?

Place your answer in the title of your reply, then use the message body to explain your reasons.

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better integration

by bert.van.bergen In reply to Fill in the blank: The on ...

I choose a better integration of all de Google products, like mail, nieuws, video, picasa pictures.
I have too log on to many times.

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Stop acting like we own the Internet...

by rimpac99 In reply to Fill in the blank: The on ...

The one thing I'd change is to ask my bluster team to stop acting like we own the internet. We are just a search engine, for God's sake!

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Google is a search engine, yes?

by whytock In reply to Stop acting like we own t ...

...yes, and a very good one.

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Not just a search engine...

by crabbyabby86 In reply to Stop acting like we own t ...

Indeed. Google is a search engine. A damn fine one at that.

But I also know a lot of people who'd be offended that you call it 'just' a search engine. There's a lot more that Google offers.

Just on their home page, you'll find links for: Groups News Froogle Maps Scholar, and of course, when they put a 'more' link on a list, they mean 'much more.'

If anyone at Google 'acts' like they own the Internet, well, they might be somewhat justified. But I'd also be interested in anyone pointing out real quotes or actions of the rediculously egotistical nature of which you're accusing Google. I've heard this accusation before, and maybe I just don't read the news enough, but quotes go a long way, guys.

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A Matter of Perception

by stooobeee In reply to Not just a search engine. ...

People who form opinions of others...hmmm...that includes all of us, do so out of a gut feeling for what they observe. Since no one is capable of reading someone else's thoughts, we base our perceptions upon outward behavior. My impression of Google's is that she is unwilling to listen to a proportionate number of people regarding, for one, a long, ongoing, overdue privacy issue. Her response to this issue seems uncaring---not by what she tells us she thinks and feels, but by what she shows us has already happened with the information we share about ourselves. Please do not say, "well if you don't like the service, don't use it." Although that is a true statement in and of itself, it has no bearing on the principles by which others work and live. In my opinion, Google's efforts to procure everyone's private lives and make them public, creates an arrogance in her thinking that just because she is a huge success financially, makes her a huge success ethically. Google wants a great reputation---which is noticed on the outside---at the expense of quality character, which seems to be lacking on the inside.

It is not enough to simply be able to do something because it can be done. Some things ought not be. Power and money are not the criteria that establish what is right and wrong, but because so many are influenced by their standard, it becomes the status quo, and by popularity, is acceptable.

Until Google humbles herself and remembers her roots from where she came and blossomed, she cannot be ever-sustaining, as history has always shown. Human success is never eternal, but merely temporal---and Google, like all of her peers, will come to one day see the finality of that truth standing at her doorstep.

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um, what?

by crabbyabby86 In reply to A Matter of Perception

You sound like a person who believes in organized religion and big government: very pretty (and ambiguous) words, very little contribution to reality.

Time to get off the moral high horse and be excited for technology. That's kind of the point of this discussion anyway. Notice that other posters talk about doing MORE, not limiting innovation with a scare tactic like saying some things ought not be done.

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add ability to search w/in spec. date range

by waukena In reply to Fill in the blank: The on ...

It's very strange that Google is missing this very basic, and often much-needed, capability -- which many other engines have.

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I second that motion

or at least ability to sort by date order beginning with most recent or reverse.

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Reduce the number of "Beta"s

by MG2 In reply to Fill in the blank: The on ...

Seriously... Google Groups is still called a "Beta". It's been out for what, 5 years now? Just call the thing 1.0 okay?

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not change, add: Mobile Google Phone

by TonyBaggaDonuts In reply to Fill in the blank: The on ...

Think BIG.

Ever been without internet access in a time of need? Ever catch yourself saying, "Hey, I wish I knew what..." or "I can't find where...." Imagine a mobile phone with a fully integrated google package. Imagine the wealth of knowledge available on the internet, accessible through google's engine and applets, all inside your pocket.

The information generation can appreciate this fantasy.

...then again, they may already be one step ahead on this....

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