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Fill in the blank: The web "Feature" I can live without is__

By Jaqui ·
to start it off I'll say Multimedia Content.

What website "features" really do nothing to improve your internet activities?

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by Jaqui In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

one per page, fine I can see that, but some sites have 30 ads on each page.

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embedded ads

by zclayton2 In reply to Advertisements!!!!

Those annoying embedded links to ads that have nothing to do with the article, content, or sometimes even the word in use other than the addy has to do with some obscure and rarely used meaning.

If it didn't encourage them that they would think I paid attention I would have boilerplate hate mail go to each one.

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embedded ads - Sorry plug-in haters - we need code to conquer that!

by designpolice In reply to embedded ads

I agree on the embedded ad point. They are insideous and also resemble a the classic hyperlinks so users are very likely to roll over them and get caught up. if you do come up with some code to conquer them you could make a small fortune! (Sorry to the plug-in haters above). Embeds are confusing, often useless, very distracting, perplexing for the un-initiated - yikes some one help get rid of them.
thanks i just had to let that out.

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by jdmercha In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

Can't get any more annoying than that.

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by apotheon In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

Extensions are great. Plugins are crap. Long live the lean browser.

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by Jaqui In reply to plugins

extentions are plugins by another name
a plugin extends the functionality of the software
exactly why FireFox called them extentions!!


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by apotheon In reply to ummm..

Plugins are third-party applications that "plug into" the application and run in a separate process. Extensions are just what they say: extensions of the application's functionality.

. . . which is exactly why Firefox has both plugins and extensions. The Flash, Quicktime, and other plugins are not called extensions in Firefox.

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Text Mode

by Too Old For IT In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

Gimme my multimedia content down my big fat cable modem pipe!!!!!!

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Over Zealous Flash Users

by Wildcat0695 In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

I can live without the overdone Flash thats takes forever to load even if you have a broadband connection.

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Peer-to-peer file sharing

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

Nothing but a breeding ground for viruses and copyright lawsuits.

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