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Fill in the blank: The web "Feature" I can live without is__

By Jaqui ·
to start it off I'll say Multimedia Content.

What website "features" really do nothing to improve your internet activities?

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Why I hate hyperlinks

by Absolutely In reply to not so sure about that

They can say, but take you to

This may be rare compared to the number of hyperlinks in use, but it's common in phishing scams. I hate hyperlinks as they are because they don't have to be what they say they are.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Why I hate hyperlinks

I hate that portion of hyperlinks too. That is why I said that I like hyperlinks from trusted sites or sources.
Hyperlinks in themselves are a great idea, but, there are some added crap (like what you mentioned) which helps to ruin it for users

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It's a solved problem.

by apotheon In reply to Agreed

For instance:

In Firefox, hover over a link with your mouse. Look at the status bar. Notice the URL reported there.

To be sure it gives you (accurate) information:

Edit > Preferences > Content
Click the "Advanced" button for Javascript.
Uncheck everything.

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m$ ActiveX and 3rd party

by pennatomcat In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...
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Annoying adverstisements...

by Babs_1957 In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

And pop up windows...and the ubiquitous survey.

Soon to be a future annoyance, is the BLOG. Who cares about anyone's opinion? Remember, "a penny for your thoughts"? Well, that has not changed with inflation.

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I agree with multimedia content!

by RknRlKid In reply to Fill in the blank: The we ...

Web pages are so garish now!

I hate:

1. Embedded music

2. Animated cursors

3. Flash animation when I dont want to see a movie!

4. Ditto to Quicktime movies

If the web page won't load in 10 seconds, I'm out of there. The "index.htm" (or whatever) should be short and sweet and to the point.

But you guys know that...I am complaining to the wrong people!

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by Jaqui In reply to I agree with multimedia c ...

take a look at some of the peers industry / position.

Web / Multimedia Designer.

in other words, some of those here are to blame for those lame brained websites.

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Be fair though

by Oz_Media In reply to really?

I specialize in Web design and multimedia content, but I am heavily opposed to the way most people use FLASH.

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by Jaqui In reply to Be fair though

a site is for entertainment business, multimedia content makes some sense. CNN's video clips of tv news stories for example.
But what purpose is a multimedia based website for something like Mac-Blo? I can see them having such content, in the media section of the site, to show forest management, workspace safety etc.

btw, mac-blo's site is now:
cause they were bought out by the yanks.

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I noticed that a while ago

by Oz_Media In reply to Where

The natives are fightng over more fishing openings again too, but the Canadians want in, if Indians and Canadians are in, then the US must be too, all that land and they f'ked it already.

Stay in your own 'king country then. We don't go down there whining or fish because we killed ours already to overstuff our fat wives and children.

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