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Finally a PC for your Grandma

By Dr Dij ·
I've been railing for ages about how computer makers and sw apps sellers are 1) too expensive, 2) not foolproof for end users like a VCR or DVD player.

This computer comes with a version of Linux (could windoze ever be considered 'foolproof' with all the malware?) and apps installed, all upgrades done online, they ship you a replacement for 3 years if it breaks and stores your data backed up online, encrypted, with communications also encrypted.

And sells for a low price with the data service included. It doesn't have the humongo case that is still a relic but most people seem to buy anyway on windoze PCs. and low power use. Small, easy to find a place for. Move over, Grandma, that's MINE!!

I'm sure I'll hear a big yeah from linux bufs. Anyone tried this?

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Need an Extra Powerful PC for my grandmothers

by TheChas In reply to Finally a PC for your Gra ...

It would be very interesting to find a PC that any of my grandmothers could or would use.

Do they offer a crystal ball option for communication through the local mystic?

Now, a PC that my mother, or my ailing mother in law could use, that might have some value.

On the other hand, I don't think my father or father in law would spring for Internet access. So there goes chatting with the grandkids.


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63 and love computers

by meridenscrafts In reply to Need an Extra Powerful PC ...

I email my grandkids all the time, I also have a neopets, my grandkid got me into. But I also just spent and entire week with all of them and I am a little tired so my spelling isn't too good right now. I go to the senior citizens group and teach how to do email. I do this free or for gas money. Go to there homes, when they mess up there computers, I hit the default and bring it all back, he he(little trick there).
But I know some in my church that are so afraid to even touch the computer. Those apples are really good for the kids at school. I once had a grandma that drag and drop my recycle bin into the computer. So I have to redo things when they leave. But hey, it is never too late to start. you can get one of these at walmarts for 499.00 all complete with windows xp, lots of mem, and big hard drive for pictures,music. Set her up with some good place to go on the net. Get something like aol to start with to do email. That is all they will probably do at first. But go to her and find pages she is interested in these computers are loaded up with virus programs, etc. Hughesnet will give you a satalite for about 500.00 and you are online all the time for 60.00 a month. Real fast internet speed. it is on all the time. anywhere no matter if you live way out in the boonies.

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Hey when you consider the phone bills talking to them

by meridenscrafts In reply to Need an Extra Powerful PC ...

I am now 65, I have an HP Laptop. I sit in my rocking chair have a lap desk, put it on that. Open her up to my facebook. I talk to all my kids at once without all the junk mail. Look at pictures of them. Make a Quote everyday. Usually Proverbs. I know I am a little smarter than most grandma's but the longer you are into a computer the more you learn. Most of it is you don't have to be afraid. Just Open it up, Windows Vista is pretty good now that I got use to it. I got a virus one day and My windows Vista with Windows defender and McAfee on it, Lock down my computer. Restarted it up and I pushed F10 went back a couple of days before the email I got was there, the virus was gone. I use to have Windows XP, I would not go back to it for the world. It has backdoors in it. I use Google Chome, or Chrome Google. I like it, and foxfire. Sorry enternet explorer, you are loaded with too much junk. Can't run half the time. I have 2 web pages, one is a store, One is a church page. for my church. Facebook makes it easy to advertise, I sell on ebay all over the World now. I started Computers 100 years ago lol . I built my first computer, blew it up, learned from that then got me a coco three. I sold. Got a couple of IBMs I let the kids play on in the back room. HP Laptop. Open it up with facebook as your homepage. Check your mail without all the junk and If I taught my hubby how to facebook, any body can do it.

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Grandma can use - hey I resent that!

by Mik in IT In reply to Finally a PC for your Gra ...

I am a grandma - have been for 11 years and I purchase my computer thank you. And make recommendations for others. I have been amazed by the number of people (elder ones at that) who can grasp all of this technology. On the other hand, I work in large company, with a large number of employees in their 20s and they are the one who break computers, delete files, and find instructions hard to follow.

So don't focus on the experienced folks - worry about the technically challenged regardless of age.

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"So easy, even a Grandmother can use it!"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Grandma can use - hey I r ...

"What if they said, 'So easy, even a therapist can use it?' "

"Well, that wouldn't make sense!"

"Why not?"

"Well, because therapists are ..."

"Are what? Smart?"

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That has just earned a THHHHHHHHHHHHWAP!

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to "So easy, even a Grandmot ...


actually, it did give me a chuckle

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If you are good at doing what you are told,

by meridenscrafts In reply to "So easy, even a Grandmot ...

you can use a puter

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Curiosity and Time

by Wizard Prang In reply to Grandma can use - hey I r ...

The ability to use and understand computers is not a function of age, it is a function of attitude.

Kids have two ingredients that their parents usually do not - curiosity and time. Most parents do not want to understand, they want to do their task and move on. I have met retirees who I consider to be computer experts. They invariably say this is because they have the time to explore how things work.

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That Too.

by meridenscrafts In reply to Curiosity and Time

There is no such thing, said I am just going to jump on here and find something. For one thing there always changing, updating things. But you will sure learn a lot. And it keeps your mind moving. You learn a lot, I go to Ehow to learn how to do something. I go to Google and Google questions about all kinds of stuff. I google a recipe for sweet and sour sauce for my chicken. There it is,right click on it and open a new tab. Then it is easier to delete the tab if it is the wrong answer, or not a good answer. is good for finding recipes for all kinds of things.

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Do you facebook?

by meridenscrafts In reply to Grandma can use - hey I r ...

It has games you can play if you choose to, without downloading viruses.
I am nanse Riggs Just type in facebook, and join.

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