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Finding your discussions -- A question for our uber-community members

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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Hey, several of you have said that you're having a hard time finding the threads that you're participating. We're trying to better understand this so that we can fine-tune what's displayed in your profile.

Can you help by telling us what you're having a hard time finding and/or what's missing from the current My Stuff | My Discussions?

Thanks for your feedback. We're going to keep tweaking and tuning, with your help.

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That's the part I miss the most

by NickNielsen In reply to It may not be so much abo ...

The visibility, and the granularity, provided by the old Workspace. The Workspace was the best way to keep up with TR without either inundating your inbox with hourly updates or overloading your feed reader. The ability to view the discussions you had subscribed to and seen the name of the last poster in that discussion is what is missing now.

Losing that capability and removing the names from the discussions front page did more, for me anyway, to take the community out of the community than anything else in the upgrade.

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How about showing us discussions trends?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Finding your discussions ...

Right now "hottest" looks at amount of posts, and or points, and or something I can't see...
What I'd like would be if it shows which threads are generating the most posts per time unit in the last 24 hours for example.
Awesome would be : Showing number of posts per time unit (preferably variable time unit, 1h, 12h, 24h, 1week) AND showing number of posting participants (total, and in the time period).
That digest would show what we'd better check out.
Also, a thread with two active participants showing ten posts per hour, that's likely a flamefest (or lovefest, who knows).
That would be good.

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More things I have run into

by AV . In reply to Finding your discussions ...

I looked for your official upgrade thread to report problems, but I couldn't find that. When I searched on your name to find it, it pulled up all of your posts. I wanted to show the most recent, but when I clicked on the relevance button, I couldn't get to date. It wouldn't let you select it. The related tags on the left hand side of the screen have overtyped words. Can't read any of them. I'm using a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution.

Its not only that search. If I search on Catch up Cafe, its a much smaller search, but the same issue happens with the relevance button and the tags.

The site does not seem to refresh on its own and I find if I post something, I have to manually refresh the screen to see that its posted in the right place. The post does show, but I'd like to see where its posted.

I posted something in the wrong place a couple of days ago and decided to move it, so I removed the text and put in "posted in the wrong place, etc.". I saved it, saw the post pop up, but I spelled something wrong and went to edit it. The original text I deleted was there instead of "posted in the wrong place." I canceled my action and refreshed thinking this would fix it, but it didn't. The original text was still there. I had to delete my temporary internet files and go back into TR to fix it.

When I go into my stuff and look at my recent posts, they are not all there.

I'm not sure if these issues have already been reported.


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The edit thing might have to do with reloading the discussion.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to More things I have run in ...

Something happens when you reload the discussion after posting.
It puts the post at its final position, for once.
So, the pre-edit text being there may have to do with not reloading between edits.

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Simplify navigation to the Water Cooler

by Tigger_Two In reply to Finding your discussions ...

Once I post this comment, I will have to click discussions, click "View More" under the Water Cooler, then click "Last Modified" twice to get a listing of the topics sorted by their last modification time. Give us a single click solution that will let us see Water Cooler threads.

I would put money on people mis-tagging threads so that they don't fade into obscurity in Off Topic. Alternatively, individual use of the site could easily fade.

It would seem to me that creating a tab for Off Topic posts would be the easiest approach to fixing this.

I understand that Off Topic posting isn't exactly TR's bread and butter, but it DOES provide a draw for people, many of whom hang around for the tech content.

Beyond that, it would be lovely to see more two way communication.

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I want to see ALL new comments

by maxwell edison In reply to Finding your discussions ...

I want new comments to jump out and bite me ....... well, you know. The RED NEW did just that. Why was it taken away?

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Yep that's what is needed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I want to see ALL new com ...

At the moment it's impossible to follow any discussion that gets more than a few posts to it.


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Truthfully, Col

by Tigger_Two In reply to Yep that's what is needed

I just scroll to the bottom to find the most recent post. If it isn't there and the discussion is a long one, I tend to give up.

The "Just In" thing at the top is meaningless. I'm not glued to the site every minute of every day. No one is. I have no way of knowing what I missed in addition to the comment labeled "Just In". Besides, reading a comment out of context is worse than meaningless, it's idiotic. Without context, you have no way of understanding the poster's meaning... ESPECIALLY if that poster is Santee.

I suppose we need to give them time to iron out the kinks, but it is really hard to commit any meaningful time to being frustrated.

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