FireFox Home Page(s)

By jimmy-jam ·
Can anyone tell me, it is possible for FF to open up with multiple tabs open at the same time?

With IE you can have multiple "home pages" that when you open up IE I can have and and etc open in its own tab.

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"Is this the right room for an argument ?" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Now I get it!

-"I've told you once!"

Ahh, that was enjoyable, thanks so much.

Of course you were correct and I was just stringin' the discussion out, mainly for the **** of it.

Thanks once again, it's unfortunate I can't sling you a real Thumb just for brightening up an otherwise boring TR session... here's a make-believe one instead: <img src="">

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Fight nice fellas

by jimmy-jam In reply to [i]"Is this the right roo ...
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This was no argument

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to [i]"Is this the right roo ...
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Yes you can.....

by Choppit In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

Load all your home pages in tabs. Go to preferences/main. Under the startup/homepage section click on the "Use Current PageS" button.It's subtle, but the label on the button changes from singular to plural depending on how many tabs are in use.

Works under FF2 and 3

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I'll be danged!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Yes you can.....

You're right! It's intuitive! That button DOES change to plural when you have multiple tabs open in one window. It does not change on the 2nd window though when you have two windows open and the 2nd window only has one tab open. Hmmmmmm!

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Better than forcing Firefox down

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

but, the tabs to not have the name of the page you're on, just Firefox Home Page(s). What good is that. Try entering in multiple URL's in the Options Home Page field, separated by "|" per URL, and see what happens.

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According to Firefox

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

Taken from Firefox's knowledge base:

Firefox lets you specify more than one site as your home page; each page will open in its own tab when you start Firefox. To specify multiple pages, you separate each address with a pipe character (|) when you set the home page.

'Nuff said! <img src="">

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I really don't think anyone was disputing what you were saying...

by jimmy-jam In reply to According to Firefox

Was the tongue REALLY necessary?

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Probably not

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to I really don't think anyo ...

Guess he was just trying to get my goat! He definitely didn't know what he was talking about.

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