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First revised Peer Directory mock-up

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
As promised, here is the first Thursday Reveal for your consumption. This link ( will take you to a mock-up image of our proposed Peer Directory Profile Page. This is just a rough draft, but we want your feedback on the implied features.

A few things aren't immediately obvious from the image, so I'll elaborate here. The row of grey boxes near the top respresents where a user's Merit Badges would be displayed. Based on certain site activities, users could earn badges that would recognize certain types of expertise or behaviors. For example, the member who had a certain number or percentage of Tech Q&A answers accepted under the Network Administration topic might earn the NetAdmin Expert badge. Clicking on a badge would display a list of all other TR members who had earned that badge, allowing your to commune with your peers (or locate experts on topics you're a little rusty with). This idea is just barely on the drawing board, but it has proven pretty popular in other places.

Also, you'll note that the Technology Supported and Interests fields are filled with hyperlinked items. Our thinking is that any comma-delimited item placed in these fields would be hyperlinked to a "Library." Each Library link would lead to a list of TR members that have displayed the same interest, as well as a collection of relevant content, newsletters, and possibly RSS feeds for that topic.

If you have any questions about any of the other features displayed in the image, please post them in this thread. We're anxious to know what you like, what you hate, and what's missing from our first attempt. Your opinions will directly influence the development of our community features.



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Reason for some required fields

by sMoRTy71 In reply to On Personal Information

We will not be displaying anything like your name unless you specifically request us to. You will be able to have a site alias displayed in place of your name (in fact, that will be the default). Your e-mail address will never be visible unless you use it for your site alias.

The other information that we want to require (interests, tech. supported, location (city, state, country, job title, etc.) will be to help others in the community understand the person behind the comment (i.e. does this person really know what they're talking about?)

We definitely want to respect user privacy when it comes to name, e-mail address, etc.

BTW, the private messaging feature that we have on the mock-ups would be an on-site messaging feature (common to discussion boards) that would not use your personal e-mail address at all.

Hope that helps.

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Interests will be free form

by sMoRTy71 In reply to In general agreement

The "Interests" section will allow you to input anything you like. So you could mix IT and non-IT interests if you like. The cool part (at least we think it is cool) is that each comma-delimited interest you place in the Interests section will link to other members with that same interest.

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That is pretty cool

by Oz_Media In reply to Interests will be free fo ...

Cross referencing similar interests, however it is usually opposites that feed off each other here.

You mentioned above that people would be able to use an email address as an alias, PLEASE STOP THAT. Lets say has been getting help on an Outlook question from me, it has progressed into several off-TR emails back and forth between us.

Now, SpamMonsters web crawler crawls your site (as has happened before more than once) now Bob's email gets spammed and spoofed. I either get a follow up appearing to be from Bob or I get spam in droves because his address book is hammered. I have EXCELLENT soam protection but if I build an exception for someone I am communicating with, I may jeopardize my own as well as clients systems.

I think if people are not smart/creative enough to come up with something OTHER than thier email address, what can they possibly offer here?

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