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Fix needed for TR's Q&A pages!!

By Oz_Media ·
Is it just me, am I not seeing the links or is it missing?
When answering questions in the Q&A section;
After posting your answer, you are given the option to return to the Question (pretty irrelevant unless theres immediate response)and no link to return to 'all open questions'.
The only way to get back to 'all open questions' is to go to the Q&A link and then selct All open questions.
It would be nice to see a link after answering one question that would let you go straight to All Other Open Questions, don't you think??

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by TheChas In reply to As for Mr. Walsh

Gee, I never considered myself as Max's dog.
Since we are in different states and time zones, it would be a difficult relationship at best.

I do often stand in his shadow as his knowledge is much greater than my own.

You obviously have not read some of Max and my posts to each others comments in the political related discussions.

On technical and security issues, Max and I have similar opinions.

As to other issues, as gentlemen, we agree to disagree.


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Actually I've crused the Q&A

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to As for Mr. Walsh

Quite a bit but because of the time difference there is very little that I can offer because on most occasions people in the US have already answered most of the questions. But I haven't seen many questions where both The Chas and Maxwell post on the same question but I would suspose that they would like me have similar answers.
But thats where any resembelence ends as they often disagree with each other on many items of a political nature and I tend to disagree with both of them as well.
I'msorry but I can't see how you could call The Chas Max's dog asd on most things they don't often agree unles of course your own dog bites the hand that feeds it then this comparision would be understandable.

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Oz man - you may not be worthy. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Makes a little more sense ...

.... but if you participated in that discourse, you got 'em.

And you're right, the points are pretty worthless - or at least I though as much - until I accumulated so many that I could easily get my questions parked at the top of the featured questions list. A 100 - 1000 point question will get lost and buried deep in the black hole of old questions hardly ever getting a second look. But one with 50,000 points will stay at the top of the heap forever.

So as far as their monetary value, you're right, they're worthless. But for the potential exposure and information gathering value - they're priceless. It all depends on how you look at it.

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The easily offended don't read this.

by mrafrohead In reply to Makes a little more sense ...

Actually, those points do hold value - in pride. That's probably something that you aren't very familiar with Oz.

I'm not as well educated as the rest of the people here - so consider this being nice what I posted before. Now you've crossed theline.

So why don't you just **** off and get the **** out of here. You aren't wanted by me and probably not by anyone else.

Your posts are utterly worthless as your existance on this rock appears to be. They have no technical basis whatsoever and if we all wanted to sit down and listen to you try to rip on us - we'd have asked you for it.

You're pretty balsy to walk into someones home and start acting like a prick.

Just so you know, you best learn to mind yourself. If I could seeyour ***** *** I'd feed you your ******* teeth. First you start on Maxwell and now trying to move to TheChas.

What the **** is wrong with you??? You trying to make up for the fact that your wife doesn't like your teeny peter anymore??? It's alright, you can tell her when she's ready she can come over and get her panties. She forgot them last weekend.

GET OUT you're not wanted!!!

On a side note - you live in our country yet you try to mock it like you did in your other post. You ******* hypocrite *******. People like you can truly bring out the hate and rage in me. That's a VERY dangerous thing to have happen. Don't forget you're on the net here, everything is traceable. EVERYTHING - and you aren't very far south of me. Asshole!


To my peers - I apologize for my rudeness and imaturity, but I can not think of anything reasonable to say and this prick has crossed the line. TR you can now close my account for profanity if you feel it is necessary, i just didn't know how else to get the point across.

/me is PISSED!

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What Mr Fro is trying to say }:-)

by MallardtooXX In reply to The easily offended don't ...

You ozmedia are an undereducated, misinformed neurotic apathetic pathetic hate mongering phallically challenged miscreant **** probing child molesting pre pubecent wannabe gangsta rapping hip hopin ***** smoking *** reaming thalydamide baby crack head who likes to try to inundate these posts with guile and misdirection with little to no actual content because your mommy would not let you go to prom this year since you couldn't foot the bill and daddy spent all the money on whores booze and horses this week again gee wally why is dad so hard on the beaver? why don't you take your useless mindless witless less than sardonic wannabe cool to impress my 8th grade friends but I cannot because my pubies have not filled in yet, even the democrats wouldn't have me cause I am too far left for them, i wish tom daschel would call me up and ask my opinion, racist marxist imperialist stalinistic hitlers youth drop out can't be in the military because i got no sack attitude and back the **** UP because you have got no creedence and you sure as **** got no capital to expend. Come on now son you got the duck a little pissy and I can GUARANFUCKINGTEE YOU that I can out last your pathetic attempts so lets go you and me mano e mano because Max is too civil for you he won't stoop to your level. I however would love to kick your bitchy little *** punk!
so as Axl Rose once said Get in the Ring cause here I am.


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You're not just hurting yourself

by rickydoo In reply to What Mr Fro is trying to ...

as colinluck has said, you're hurting others.
My sides are aching, I can hardly breathe. I banged my head on the side of the desk while I was rolling on the floor.
You, my friend could give Denis Leary a run for his money.

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mrafrohead calm down

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The easily offended don't ...

It's not good for your health getting so worked up you are only hurting your self and sending your blood preasure through the roof {not a very healthy thing to do}. So for the sake of your health if nothing else please try not to get so worked up over something as unimportant as this. Of course your right but getting worked up only harms you and does nothing to harm anyone else.

As you said this is the internet and while everything is tracable why waste your valuable time in such an unimportant matter just let it slide or better still go out and hit a computer a few times that at least makes you feel good.

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WOW youv'e really shown your abilities.

by Oz_Media In reply to Fix needed for TR's Q&A p ...

I guess we see the light now.
This was a straight forward question regarding a navigational issue on the TR site.
You guys seem to carry baggage with you wherever you go.
Mr Afro, great job. Most of the references are truly American "gangsta *****"etc. very eloquent.
You also said that I'm a hypocrite because I live South of you in the States? I have never been nor will I ever live in the US, I have a office in L.A but that doesn't make me American. Your not supposed to push that hard onthe Q-Tips.

Obviously, this forum is not for obtaining technical information or sharing ideas and opinions. It seems to be merely a place for like minded wannabe techs to look cool and answer newbie questions. With the exception of Lord Infideland Maxwell Edison, who I have seen some very interesting and effective issues resolved.
Too bad there isn't credit card verification here to keep the children away.

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Who started the negative comments

by TheChas In reply to WOW youv'e really shown y ...

Looking at the list, YOU started the negative comments and un-loading of baggage in this thread.

Maxwell and I are both of generations where you do not leave negative comments un-refuted.

I cannot speak for Maxwell, for myself, on average I look at 1/6 of the discussions, and 1/5 of the open questions each evening.
So, how can I be "monitoring" the site?

Yes, as a concerned user who wishes to see the site prosper and continue, I have:
reported peers that get overly abusive,
defendedthe site to peers who question how it is setup,
admonished peers who post in the wrong forum.

My goal in all this is assistance and education.

I do my best to hold my temper in check, and try to keep my posts civil.


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Sorry Chas, it wasn't you.

by Oz_Media In reply to Who started the negative ...

In my haste I responded to Mr. Walsh but commented on your input. You were actually informative and provided a logical explanation.
Mr. Walsh basically offered nothing of substance or use and simply wanted to read his own name.

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