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Fix needed for TR's Q&A pages!!

By Oz_Media ·
Is it just me, am I not seeing the links or is it missing?
When answering questions in the Q&A section;
After posting your answer, you are given the option to return to the Question (pretty irrelevant unless theres immediate response)and no link to return to 'all open questions'.
The only way to get back to 'all open questions' is to go to the Q&A link and then selct All open questions.
It would be nice to see a link after answering one question that would let you go straight to All Other Open Questions, don't you think??

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Chas it is a waste of time

by MallardtooXX In reply to Who started the negative ...

You and I both know this guy is a chuckle head, don't waste your time anything you say he will try to meld into some American Capitalistic Propaganda because he is stuck somewhere that he hates.

As for me I am getting a kick out of watching him squirm but that is because I am sadistic and apparently a Propagator of American Rhetoric.

You my friend are a good person, don't explain yourself to him, We all know where you sit and we all respect you for it. Let the jackoff's like me and fromake asses of ourselves he will go away soon I am sure.

You don't need to defend anything, you do so with continued effort and commentary.

So does this mean I am your Lap Duck since I am supporting you? just so you know I can't do windows, I have a little windex issue.


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Ya think ?

by Oz_Media In reply to Chas it is a waste of tim ...

"As for me I am getting a kick out of watching him squirm"
I don't squirm. I tell it the way I see it, if you don't like it, F*&%K OFF ! Pretty simple.
As a DJ I met a lot of losers from the US who thought they were the **** (as you do) and also called the ambulance to carry their sorry drunk asses off to hospital whenj they passed out from our beer or got **** kicked for being mouthy arrogant losers.
"Let the jackoff's like me and fro make asses of ourselves he will go away soon I am sure."
Yes you make asses out of yourselves but hey isn't that the American way? I don't go away, I stand tall and defend my opinions the same way that you Americans are defending yours, although I don't have any cool hip-hop taunts to throw around.
Anyway, I'm sure you have nothing to do, "The Homeland" will take care of you, but as a person with a job, I don't want to waste my time going around in circles with clearlty mindless people.
This is probably why your little gang has adopted this forum as your own and all relevant information is now found on similar but effective sites. It's actually quite funny, the only forums that are reduced to mindless circular fluff are those dominated by Americans, kinda like your lives.

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