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fix the basics first

By bobgroz ·
Make installs easier, make Linux compatible with more windows programs, make Linux a much better gaming platform, stop complex things like dependencies, standardize linux rpms? apt-get? source installs? get MUCH better driver support for newer devices, support TV (PVR) without all the complexities of Myth TV - Media Center KILLS Myth TV, did I say make installing software easier? Away with dependencies, it should all be automatic, all distros should give the user the options of booting from the root partition instead of forcing themselves in the MBR and disabling boot managers, make Linux much less complex i.e. runlevels, what starts, all of this should be gui driven, stop it with the complex commands, I could go on and on, we don't need a GUI we need a whole new Linux

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by NickNielsen In reply to fix the basics first

Okay, I'll bite. These aren't strictly accurate comparisons, of course, but since you won't hear anything good about Linux anyway, it doesn't really matter how I waste the bits, does it?.

Dependency problems/DLL ****

No drivers for newest devices/older devices broken by OS updates


Complex commands require CLI/Complex commands require (surprise!) CLI

I don't see much difference between Linux and Windows any more; both have their quirks and issues...and fanboys.

When was the last time you looked at Windows objectively? You're so used to it all, you don't even think about half of what you're doing. Next time you install software in Windows, write down everything you do, starting with acquiring the setup/install file. Then come talk about Linux complexity.


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Was thinking the same thing

by mamies In reply to Linux/Windows

Atleast I wasn't the only person who thinks it.

You may have said some of the drawsbacks to a linux system but I can think of just as many, if not more for Windows.

Here is one of the most important ones; Security. Linux is a lot more secure.

I may sound like I like Linux more (which is true) but basically i am trying to say, Linux has its place as well just like Windows and Mac.



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Yes, Linux has it's place in business, not in the home

by bobgroz In reply to Was thinking the same thi ...

Linux runs as an excellent server for business, but, of course, you need a trained staff to maintain it.

I certainly doesn't belong in the home. Much too complex for a home user.....

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bob...i've said this before...

by jck In reply to Yes, Linux has it's place ...

Linux runs as an excellent server for business, but, of course, you need a trained staff to maintain it.

And, people have to be trained to run Windows servers as well.

Or do you think people are born knowing Windows Server 2008?

I certainly doesn't belong in the home. Much too complex for a home user.....

It's all point and click. Knowing what to click, how many times, where to navigate to get to certain displays/options/controls is part of all GUI OSes.

And as I have told you before:

I will put up the Kubuntu 8.x install against Windows Vista anyday for ease of install, speed to reboot/startup, and time to completion.

Kubuntu *smokes* Vista in the install, and learning where things are in Kubuntu is not that difficult. In fact, Kubuntu's menu depth to items averages 3-4 levels. Windows 7 is 4-5.

I have come to the conclusion that you are frustrated with Linux, because it doesn't act like Windows...and not because it is that hard to learn.

You just don't want to change or learn something different, which is typical of the common, lazy end-user.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to bob...i've said this befo ...

"I will put up the Kubuntu 8.x install against Windows Vista anyday for ease of install, ..."

I agree with you about ease of install IF you're starting from scratch. However, few users install Windows from scratch. Instead, they allow the pre-loaded installation process to run. I think that's an easier installation process than installing any OS from media, but that's an advantage gained from vendor support and not inherent in Windows itself.

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Don't forget the windows install

by Slayer_ In reply to Quibble.

You mostly just set your date/time and you registration key. Though my memory of W7 install is a bit fuzzy, I remember it was basically automated.

Really, I'd say both installs are onpar. I rather like how in Linux you can install from the LiveCD and have it install exactly what you want with programs and configurations ready. Just don't run out of RAM while set up applications, if you do, the LiveCD dies super super hard.

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Don't forget the Linux install

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Don't forget the windows ...

is most likely installing more than just the operating system. Any advantage of running a vendor's pre-installed Windows set-up may be outweighed by having to run additional setups for all the Windows-based applications. That Linux distro could be installing a ton of apps if desired along with the OS, all in one shot.

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Isn't that a choice best left to the system owner?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes, Linux has it's place ...

A choice that's driven more by what the individual user wants to do, regardless of the installation environment?

You need a trained staff to maintain any workplace server, regardless of OS.

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Bobgroz, troll, a bit thick, or talking crap

by j-mart In reply to Yes, Linux has it's place ...

Pointless meaningless without any technical arguments, so one of the above. which one ?.

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Well, I wouldn't go quite that far, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Bobgroz, troll, a bit thi ...

his history shows he seems obsessed with this single topic.

I'm again reminded of some people I see at NASCAR races. They pay $70 or $100 to get in, then spend the entire race giving one driver the finger lap after lap. They don't cheer for any particular driver, just show their dislike with one individual. I don't comprehend spending that kind of money or attention on a person (or operating system) one apparently dislikes, but who am I to question how people get their harmless legal entertainment?

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