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By john.a.wills ·
When I try to do something with my XP on Axus hardware after a time of **** nothing all reactions are at first very slow, then things get as fast as I would like. This is particularly noticeable with Internet matters. It is as though the machine needs to warm up for a while. Any ideas about cause or cure?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to foot-dragging

What could be happening here is that there is no set MAX Page File Size and after a few hours of inactivity the page file is shrinking down to the Minimum allowable and it is taking time for the Page File to regain the size that it needs to act as the Virtual RAM that is required because of your low RAM loading.

Generally the Page File size should be 1.5 to 2 times the actual RAM Load but with these very low RAM Loads available the system builder quite often leaves the upper limit open ended for the Page File. If you where to go into My Computer in the Start Menu right click on it and chose Proprieties Then Advanced, then Left Click on Settings under the Performance Tab and chose Advanced and Virtual Memory you can set the Page File size to about 500 MEG min and 1 GIG Max and see if that improves things don't forget to OK the changes or they will not take effect of course if the minimum is way above the 512 MEG lower limit leave it there and just double the upper limit.

That may cure your problem but honestly more Physical RAM is really the answer. According to MS XP will run on 128 MEG but this is really not realistic and I find that for decent performance 512 is about the minimum that you should consider using. It is always a case of the more available the better the system will work until you start talking the several GIG Ranges.


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