Force laptop to boot from CD?

By lfruchter ·
I work at a large school without much money. We have some old Dell Latitude c600 laptops with 128 megs of RAM and Win98. I want to use a few of these old laptops as print stations, but I would love to leave Win98 behind.

I have a Dell XP CD but I'm locked out of making BIOS changes to the c600s (the NYC DoE has no clue about the BIOS passwords and Dell's password resets consistently fail)and I can't get them to boot from the CD. Pressing F12 doesn't work. I've tried removing the HD on startup to bump the machine to the CD for booting (3rd option) and then jamming the HD back in, hoping the XP CD will recognize it, but that's not working either. I even tried breaking the win98 and succeeded in preventing one machine from launching the OS, but it shuts down instead of jumping to the CD.

Does anyone know a trick for this?

Thanks much,
Lev in Brooklyn

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Garden or Processed - the number of peas IS reducing though...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If he got more Ram

I mean the number of them that you can spit through the stories these cretins are coming out with!

It says a lot for TR (and all of us!) that the general riff-raff are creating better tomes to try fooling us.

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