Force thumb drive or flash drive to same drive letter each time?

By kripaludas ·
I am really tired of plugging in a thumb drive and having it automatically assigned to the letter G which is also mapped to a network drive. I have to take files off many different thumb drives each day but even the two of my own don't always maintain the driver letters I've assigned in Disk Manager.

Anyone know of a way to get all thumb drives to always be assigned a specific drive letter such as Z:\?

Or even to have my own drives alway receive the same drive letter?

I'm wondering if this could be done through an autorun.inf file on the root of the thumbdrive.

Any ideas?

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What I did

by Jeroden In reply to Force thumb drive or flas ...

What I have done for each of my removable drives is assigned them their own letters. So far, they always attach back to that letter. I am using Windows XP and I have named each one of my drives also through the format utility. This is what I know as of now, I hope this may help.

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mount USB drives to same drive letter each time

by gleibermanb In reply to What I did

try this tool at
seems to work quite welll .... way better than our friends at MS have done to date.
we have Backup issues to removable drives. Symantec is quite unforgiving when it comes to different drive letters... this helps.
good luck

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by kripaludas In reply to mount USB drives to same ...

Now that's what I was looking for and more!


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how to assign drive letters to usb drives

by boofa75 In reply to mount USB drives to same ...

Boot up win xp or vista. then insert you drive and it will be given a letter. once this is done put your mouse on the my computer icon right mouse click and click on manage
computer management will appear go down to disk management in the left box and click on that, in the right hand side your drives will appear go to the the drive that you want to change the letter right click on it then choose "change drive letter" a box will appear with the current letter choose your new letter and click ok then its all done same letter everytime

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by computechdan In reply to mount USB drives to same ...

what i nice little jewel u found there!

thx for sharin

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I've been using USBDLM for a couple years....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to mount USB drives to same ...

you're right, it does work well....we were having major issues with conflicts between network drives & USB devices. USBDLM is very user friendly & allows you to pick and choose drives you want to use 1st, 2nd, 3rd....and so on.

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Great find, thank you

by naexpert In reply to What I did


Just want to say thanks very much for this tip, I've found it extremely useful where I'm using 3 USB HDD for backups.

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Create an autorun Batch rutine...

by milk_dud10120004 In reply to Force thumb drive or flas ...

@echo off

set NewLetter=X

@REM Find the (USB) drive with the flagfile "USB.root" and change its drive letter to "%NewLetter%"

@REM Abort if %NewLetter% already exist
if exist %NewLetter%: goto END_USB_DRIVE

if not exist "%SystemRoot%\System32\DISKPART.EXE" goto END_USB_DRIVE

@REM Find the drive with the flag file and set %_USBroot% to the old letter
for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w y z) do (
if exist %%i:\USB.root set _USBroot=%%i:
@REM Abort if no Drive with the flag file has been found
if "%_USBroot%" == "" goto END_USB_DRIVE

@REM Create the script file for DiskPart.exe on the USB-drive
echo select volume %_USBroot%> "%_USBroot%\ChangeDrvLetter.txt"
echo assign letter=%NewLetter%>> "%_USBroot%\ChangeDrvLetter.txt"

@REM Do the change -> %NewLetter%
DISKPART /S "%_USBroot%\ChangeDrvLetter.txt"
if exist "%NewLetter%:\ChangeDrvLetter.txt" del "%NewLetter%:\ChangeDrvLetter.txt"


@REM This launches my USB Drives program menu
@REM its registry dependant, you could leave
@REM out this part

"%windir%\regedit.exe" /s "X:\PortableApps\PortableLauncher\ImportReg.reg"

@REM pause


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by zio69 In reply to Create an autorun Batch r ...

...this is a bit easier and does the same....

@echo off
echo select volume %cd:~0,1% > diskpart.inp
echo assign letter=b noerr >> diskpart.inp
diskpart /s diskpart.inp
del /s diskpart.inp

.... if "letter" is already taken, nothing happens.
It's quicker for it obtains the current drive from %CD% with no loop and no need for a .ini file. On the other hand you may have to edit the batch for any usb drive you have.

I love "B:" for it reminds me of my ole 5.25" drive :-)

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Thank You for the Tip. It Works well on all my systems.

by TRoth In reply to Actually....

I have a Question

My Question: Can you use a command line batch (or any other Program) to automate: ?Changing of the Disk Properties/ Policy, to Optimize for Performance and Enable Write Cashing on the Disk??

I am trying to get my USB Drive to do this automatically, on insert to any host computer. I may not always have admin. privileges.

Please contact me if you know of a way to do this, or if you are interested in writing the code for me. I would be happy to compensate you for any time you spend on this. I use Pay Pal.

I also am in need of a programmer to help out with a couple of other issues I have regarding my personal USB Drive Project.


Todd Roth

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