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Formulating a new IT Team from legacy staff

By John Freemont ·
I've recently taken up a newly created position within a Government institution to bring together disparate teams and make them a working and cohesive unit.

My situation and the challenges I have are as follows and I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has gone through this before or any ideas on how to effectively handle the change management.

The individual teams (comprising any where from 1-5 people) are currently isolated in individual departments and have originally been directly responsible for the management and control of the IT infrastructure in those departments. Most of the staff within the teams are legacy and have been with the Government institution for anywhere from 5-25 years. Some are now feeling that the organisation doesn't value them as they were overlooked or rejected for the current position I hold and that the organisation felt it had to employ from external resources. There is also an overriding negativity towards the institution as a whole due to devaluation of the respect of the inhouse IT Staff and their ability to support a diverse infrastructure (some of this may actually be justified). Also amongst the staff themselves there is some negative attitudes towards other staff within the other teams.

So from all this I am meant to bring them together and form a working and customer service orientated support unit.

So I would really appreciate any suggestions as to supporting the change management process for this infrastructure.


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I jumped ship long ago.

by DC_GUY In reply to Negative? Disgruntled?

I've been out of civil service for almost ten years. It was quite a culture shock. Anyone who thinks the private sector is an idyllic vision of Adam Smith's free market hasn't been there. I'm nonetheless healthier and happier, but also considerably poorer, and will not be able to retire as early as I'd intended.

The thing that people don't understand about government is that it's an organism unto itself, and an extremely slow-moving one. Its processes and procedures far outlive the people who created them, and the new people have very limited ability to change them.

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