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Fraud in the news to drum up Hezbollah sympaty?

By jdclyde ·

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

The media intentionaly distorting the way things are in the crisis with Isreal and Lebanon/Hezbollah.

Still think there isn't an agenda by the media?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to hardley news,

religion, organized media, organized government. They're all about control. What we need is some organized anarchy :)

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by onbliss In reply to hardley news, is getting to be a big bore. These days I find CSPAN a lot more refreshing than the others.

As far as the topic, it is bad and wrong to portray an untrue picture. As you said it is a fraud, and such acts finally turns away our attention from the actual plight of the suffering people.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Fraud in the news to drum ...

One could make the same statement about the state of the media coverage in Iraq. There's a lot that goes on there that doesn't get covered. Like new schools and hospitals being built, new water treatment facilities and the like. Good news isn't news when your Rupert Murdock or the owner of the Communist News Network.

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JD most of the pictures listed here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Fraud in the news to drum ...

That where used by the local news in AU have already been debunked by an ABC program called Media Watch eg

They go on to expose the way that the Media washes their stories to suit their own ends. It's one of the few things that I try to watch whenever I get the chance if anything they are harder on their own organisation than the competition so effectively nothing is Off Limits to them.

But the one thing that I really liked was the way that Hezbollah was painted as the Victims in this confrontation instead of the Bad Guys. I can not help but wonder if the results would have been the same if it was mainland USA being attacked by Hezbollah from Cuba or somewhere similar and the US reacted in a similar fashion as Israel did.


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