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Free Antivirus For Small/Medium Size Of Company

By Virgoan ·
Currently my company is subscribing to Symantec antivirus annually! Due to cost saving therefore the management intend to evaluate the free antivirus software instead. If everything is ok then i will need to implement it. My questions are:-
1) For a company < 80 PC/notebook users is it wise to unsubscribe the current antivirus license and run those freeware softwares that downloaded from Internet?
2) Which will be the best freeware solution (antivirus) in the market right now?
3) For a country like Singapore does it worthwhile to implement those freeware just for the sake to save those few hundred bucks yearly?
Please give your valuable feedback and comments on this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you, your the first I've talked to that has used the Security Suite

by DanLM In reply to I have AVG

I'm going to see how this comodo does... So far, I like it better then trend... But, time will tell.


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by Virgoan In reply to Thank you, your the first ...

Thanks for your feedback! I too still evaluating this comodo for another couple of weeks to months...

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get to know a reseller.

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Free Antivirus For Small/ ...

Some resellers :) in order to gain market share may be willing to reduce their retail price by 15% in order to sell 100 licences of any AVG product.

if you were to contact a reseller I would suggest that you send him a private message. :)

<img src="">

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My Rant: Open is Not Free

by jasenward In reply to Free Antivirus For Small/ ...

Economy works because people have a understanding of the definitions for "value" and "fair." When those definitions break down, economy collapses EOL.

If "free" is in your vocabulary for acquiring property or rights then what you are acquiring is either worthless or its cost has already been paid by a past/future asset or experience. Those who ignore this law will one day be asking themselves about a mysterious negative number/experience that will exactly equal what they should have used in place of the zero they used when they equated it with "free".

An honest estimate of costs IMHO follows:
ClamAV costs: $0 + 1 well educated computer expert user per computer willing to do his/her own work to secure his/her own system without automation or supervision and who has no qualms using other software to filter spam and monitor applications while working + 1 Network administrator who does not want to put security software onto his/her servers or has an alternative enterprise solution already.

Microsoft Security Essentials costs: $0 (for up to 10 machines) + 1 computer user per computer of any expertise level that does not want or need a spam filter solution + 1 network administrator that has an alternative solution for his/her servers and who does not use Microsoft Exchange.

Comodo, AVG, Kaspersky, ESET NOD32 each cost: $10-$30 each user annually + 1 average level user for each computer that does not need or is willing to buy their own spam filter system + 1 network administrator that already has an alternative for Microsoft Exchange or does not use it.

Trend, Symantec, McAfee, Panda and Co each cost $50-$100 for each user annually + 1 user of any level of expertise per computer + 1 network administrator willing and able to configure advanced features to be remotely deployed to all systems.

I reviewed three such tools earlier last year and tested them against an actual virus root kit on They are all decent options, each with weaknesses and strengths.

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