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By adminmichael ·
Does anyone know of a free server operating system that is visual NOT Command Prompt?

I know of Ubuntu server but that is command prompt and i want to to look like windows server as the visual part please if you know of any please reply thanks!

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by seanferd In reply to WRT: FREE SERVER OS

@ adminmichael: Exactly not. Do not use a <i>Windows</i> workstation edition of an OS as a server. BSD or Linux, it doesn't matter. They are equally capable of being a server or desktop OS. It's just that some builds of some distributions are heavily slanted one way or the other for out-of-box experience. I.e., most desktop users expect a GUI with the kind of pre-installed apps users use; and most server admins don't want Libre Office and Same Gnome installed on a server. But you can add or remove whatever you want.

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by el_baby In reply to WRT: FREE SERVER OS

adminmichael, as seanferd says, you can install the workstation version of most any LINUX (or BSD) distribution and then add server packages, NOT WINDOWS.

Windows non-server versions are usually artificially crippled to act as servers.

If you're using a LINUX or BSD workstation as a server and notice that performance could be better, you can try several tweaks (including replacing the workstation-oriented kernel for a server-optimized kernel) over that.

You definitively CAN'T do tha with windows.

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Ubuntu Server

by Pierre M-M In reply to FREE SERVER OS

I've no quarrel with the above advice about adding a desktop to Ubuntu Server but please be careful which desktop you add because as of Ubuntu 11.04 Ubuntu's default desktop is called "Unity" and I most definitely would NOT recommend it.

If your PC has the CPU and RAM to do it I'd suggest setting up a virtual machine or vm (VMWare now works with Ubuntu btw and I'd recommend it but the others should be ok as well) then download the Server iso and install it as a vm and then play around with various desktops for the vm. That way the worst you'll do is trash a vm and that's very easy to re-install.

When you're satisfied that your server is as you want it then install that configuration onto your server hdd.

Another approach is to install server monitoring software on both the server and another admin pc and monitor the server that way without installing a desktop. (I have a vague recollection that one of the reasons that Ubuntu Server is without a desktop is a security issue but Ubuntu forums etc should be able to assist on that)

And speaking of security I both use and can recommend IPCop.

All the best of luck and please let us know how you go



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You want a Windows look?

by james.vandamme In reply to FREE SERVER OS
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What is your goal here?

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to FREE SERVER OS

Michael, what are you trying to do? There are many ways to serve content like filesystems, e-mail, and web content but a "Server OS" is one that comes with the programs required to do so. Fedora or CentOS are by definition "Server OS" but you said you "tried Fedora but that just dosnt seem to be a server". What the **** are you talking about? The computer can only serve what you tell it to and this is true no matter what OS you run.

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by adminmichael In reply to What is your goal here?

Well sorry im just woundering!

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by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to What is your goal here?

That doesn't answer the question. What are you doing that you think you need a server for?

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Try Turnkey Linux

by trygstad In reply to FREE SERVER OS

Turnkey Linux server appliances ( are free and are available both as virtual machines and installable ISOs. Their LAMP server is really well configured and includes a full implementation of Webmin. Webmin allows you to run a system without the overhead of X Windows and use a Web browser to provide a surprisingly robust GUI environment to administer your server.

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by xlad In reply to FREE SERVER OS

or install ubuntu server, then at command prompt:
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop (for gnome)
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop (for kde)

or visit and install them script on an fresh installed OS (centos, ubuntu, etc) and then install the windows manager enviroment

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by explorerv In reply to FREE SERVER OS

You can try SLES.

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