By adminmichael ·
Does anyone know of a free server operating system that is visual NOT Command Prompt?

I know of Ubuntu server but that is command prompt and i want to to look like windows server as the visual part please if you know of any please reply thanks!

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What should it "serve"?

by markku.niskanen In reply to FREE SERVER OS

Just like James above stated we need to know the goals. What are you trying to achieve?
SMB File server? NFS file server? Mail server? Intranet/Home/development Web server? Public web server? FTP server? IRC server? Proxy server? Java application server? Game server?

The definition of a "server" is manifold and most workstations in most operating systems can work pretty well as basic servers. It all depends on what you need.

You can forget all recommendations given here so far because they are just "best guesses".

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to What should it "serv ...

A little bit of everything file server windows management, mail server, but most of all a domain i would like to have....

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File server, windows management

by seanferd In reply to FREE SERVER OS

You can do whatever you want, but this isn't going to manage a Windows AD domain or anything of the sort. Only Windows servers can provide Windows-specific management.

You can certainly have a domain, but you can't set group policy and such, as these are Windows things. You can set all sorts of security policy, just not Windows-integrated stuff.

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What you want it to do

by a.portman In reply to FREE SERVER OS

as Seanferd said, to run a Windows "like" domain, you will need windows and the $$ involved.

If you would like to have individual and shared folders, a LAMP stack, email, ...etc, Install Ubuntu and then add the components needed. For most applications (like my pair of web servers running Joomla, Moodle, a wikki, and the helpdesk ticket system) it is a matter of Googling Ubuntu install.... and following the listed apt-gets.

As for remote management, I added RealVNC, works fine.

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Reponse To Answer

by adminmichael In reply to What you want it to do

Ok Thanks ill give that a try thanks!, Ill let you know how it goes....

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