Freeing up space

I'm finding myself in the unusual position of running out of hard drive space in my system partition on my SBS 2003 server. Two mirrored 160GB SATA drives make up my system partition with all my data residing on a separate SCSI raid array.

I'm at a loss to explain how the drives free space ended up at less than 15%. Naturally I'm experieceing some minor application errors and overall performance degradation.

On my system partition is: a lightly used pervasive database with 2 users; my AV platform & its management interface, and A license manager for the database (less than 1.5 mb in size). I'm truly perplexed by what could be eating up my diskspace.

What I've done:
purged teporary interenet files
ran the system cleanup tool
verified that I'm not infected by a virus.

My questions:

What can I safely remove to recapture space (which temp files, old system files that have been updated, etc..)?

Can I break the SATA mirror and replace one drive with a 500GB SATA drive and rebuild the mirror? If I use something like partitiin magic to capture the entire 500GB drive would I be able to replace the remaining 160GB drive with a second 500GB to create a full 500GB mirror?

How can I prevent whatever is consuming the HD space from consuing a new 500GB drive in time?

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Try this

by Nimmo In reply to Freeing up space

Run this tool on your server it will show you exactly what is taking up the space.

One other thought check your exchange logs haven't gone crazy and not purged.

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I 2nd this opinion...

by ---TK--- In reply to Try this

You need to find out what has "Gone Wild", it really could be a number of things. Page file, if not locked in, could be consuming the drive. System Logs could be hogging the system, or applications could be generating massive log files. Example: My current job, most of our servers use a 15-20 GIG c partition (when everything is working correctly this is all the space you should need), which leave very little room for roge apps to go out of control. In some cases I have seen symantec create log files as large as 5-10 Gigs. Or the page file consuming the free space... ect...

You should help you find out where your free space is going. The program above will lead the way.

Edited: b/c of a typo

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by ACGPHX In reply to Try this

Thanks I'll try the software you recommend.

I thought of the exchange logs but am unsure where they are and a little standoffish at deleting them without knowing they aren't needed. Any advice on where they are and which ones have to be kept?

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Give this a try

by shasca In reply to thanks
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Re: Freeing up space

Your mention of a pervasive database makes me think of PeachTree accounting, which I have recently installed on an SBS2003 box as well. I know that app is a notorious space hog, depending on the archiving options you set. I would suggest, for a high level view, simply using the search function in Windows. Do an advanced search, for any file size above a specific size (I usually go with anything above 15MB) and then sort by date. This will give you the dates these files are being created, as well as the directories in which they reside. Hopefully that will give you a starting point for further research.

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by ACGPHX In reply to Re: Freeing up space

Pervasive has been running on that system forever. Only recently has the space issue made itself known. I'll take your advise on teh search though. It just seems odd that a 160GB HDD wouldn't be enough space for a system partition.

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