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Freeze ups with windows 98! HELP!!

By rodman ·
As you can tell with my problems from the last few days, I am pretty annoyed with win98. I put a system together and could not get win98 to install. I recieved various error messages and posted the most frequent here. I decided to install win98 by using my other computer so I swapped out the hard drives and boom win98 installed. I took the new drive to the new tower and try to finish up and whenever I try to install the drivers for the specific pieces it starts the installation and then freezes. I have tried various pieces of hardware and have the same results. I also tried in safe mode but since the cd isnt accessible in safe mode I have to restart in normal mode and then all over again. Anyone with some great knowledge would be helpful as I have ran out of ideas. Thanks

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CD-ROM access...

by crusader_rabbit In reply to Freeze ups with windows 9 ...

I've run across this on a couple of pc's... and it will cause bald spots from pulling your hair out! One area is that during loading, sometimes WIN98 loses comms with the cd-rom drive. I usually partition/format the hard drive (with system files) from a boot floppy (which also loads cd drivers) then copy the WIN98 CD (less the non-required folders) to a WIN98 Folder on the new drive and then start the 98 setup from there. This way during some of the communication problems, the cpu doesn't have to worry about the cd-rom drive and the installation goes normal... plus you now have the files necessary if you add protocols or printers or whatever without having to go dig up the install cd.

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by cindy In reply to Freeze ups with windows 9 ...

This problem can be caused by alot of different components. Since I don't know all of the model numbers of your new system; I'll list the number one cause that I've ran across.

I've seen this many times with new systems. It has always been the memory. Even though the system "tests" the memory at boot up, it doesn't do a block by block test. I would try pulling the memory from your working system and trying the install. If it works, then you need to return your memory. If it doesn't, then you should start with the motherboard manufacturer's website and check for bios updates, etc. They may also have a fix listed.

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Hardware vs Drivers

by alanc In reply to Memory

I am not sure I have seen all the posts on this thread... so, forgive me if I missed something.

It seems you were able to have the CD work and run the system in DOS to copy the Win98 CD. This tells me that most of the basic hardware is working. This should let you load a memory tester and run it. There are some around on the net. Once you eliminate memory check the motherboard. The BIOS dates are important. ASUS (ASUS is not the only one - I like ASUS - others make mistakes too) has some versions that had ATA problems. They booted fine using ATA66 but when Windows tried to use the ATA100 mode changing problems started. I would get different errors with each attempt.

Run searches on Google for your hardware. Google now has the Deja's news groups indexed and rare info can often be found in those groups.

Good Luck

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Here is some expert help..

by fcsihas In reply to Freeze ups with windows 9 ...

Hello Rodman,
You failed to state what type of computer you have installed your OS. This is very important. I can only advise you that you should check the BIOS first. Have it flashed for the latest upgrade. For example, Compaq requires this before installs and after OS installs, running the proprietory MDACS. MDACS and BIOS updgrades are fairly overlooked. With these two items out of the way, installing the OS is a lot easier. You will need to download the extractable files from another computer obviously this is understood. Hope this help. Regards, Frank

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My Problems gone with L1 Cache disabled?

by rodman In reply to Freeze ups with windows 9 ...

I just disabled my L1 cache and tried to reinstall win98 and so far so good. It made it past what it usually freezes up on. Just need to know if I have L1 cache disabled and my problems are no longer what that means. Does it mean that my CPU is bad or does that mean something else is wrong? I dont know what this could be. thanks for all the help

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Been there Done that

by im4eval8 In reply to Freeze ups with windows 9 ...

Whhile installing win98 on a friends computer I had a problem with setup starting getting to the first response screen and the installation would freeze. After pulling out what little hair I have left I went to the Bios on a friends suggestion and disabled Virus protection.

On another occasion for reasons i have yet to determine i could not do a traditional from CD install. Copy the win98 folder from the cd to a new directory on your hard drive when complete change to the new directory and type setup this will bypass cd problems and should allow you to install in safe mode this will also allow you to install new devices without needing to put in you windows 98 cd every time.

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