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Friday Music on Thursday

By CG IT ·
cuz I couldn't wait....and I have been really busy at work and haven't posted here in a while...

ok so I dusted off the old Chicago albums, yep vinyl, and am converting them to digital...came across some songs I forgot about but thought were really cool for the time. Their off the Chicago III album and it's a series of short songs tied together into one big one. Sounds like one song but their really 5 individual songs. It's all about one's day ...

1. Hard Rising in the Morning without Breakfast 1 minute 52 seconds
2. Off to Work 45 seconds
3. Falling Out 53 seconds
4. Dreaming Home 49 seconds
5 Morning Blue Again 1 minute 11 seconds.

So thought I would share some off hit music that I thought was cool way back when. Chicago was one of only a few groups that used a horn section back then which in my book gave them a distinct sound and more versatility than bands with just guitars and drums.

Chicago is one band that I've continually like their music for 3 decades.

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Some of their ballads were pretty good

by CG IT In reply to Gotta agree with you ther ...

but I gotta agree, that's all they did after a while. Their early music was far better than their later ones. Heard recently their doing gigs using big band numbers... that ought to be something...

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What a coincidence!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Friday Music on Thursday

I was listening to some Chicago just the other nite! This after I found an old cassette in a drawer. Yep. I too have all the old vinyl.

Thinking back on that time got me thinking of Moody Blues.

I think I'll play a buncha that tonite.
Damn. I wish I still had the old quadraphonic 8-tracks with the player and speakers! Every Good Boy Deserves Favor in quad was killer. :-)

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Must be nostagia week....

by CG IT In reply to What a coincidence!

Who'd a thought a lot of people here liked Chicago? I certainly didn't think many here even heard of Chicago cuz I consider myself an old fart and most IT guys I've run into are in their 20s and 30s who weren't even born in the 70s.

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I think we should lay off the 'old fart' talk...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Must be nostagia week....

and start calling the youngsters something equally ridiculous.

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Well I am an old

by Michael Jay In reply to I think we should lay off ...

fart, and proud of it. Someone, and only us old farts will remember who, once said:
"I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience."

Don't know what to call young farts.

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Speaking of old farts

by jdclyde In reply to I think we should lay off ...

where is Mae? :0

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Did you just...

by jck In reply to Speaking of old farts

call Mae *old*?!?!?!

For shame, jdclyde. For shame.

Hey, when is beer fest gonna happen? I need a pint!

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Blood Sweat and Tears....

by CG IT In reply to Friday Music on Thursday

it's funny to see the very early videos and how young they are and now 30 years later their all middle aged [50 somethings] and well......... just funny...reminds me of those old guys at weddings doing tribute songs.....

here's a clip of Blood Sweat and Tears You made Me so very happy now...


That's the fixed link...

and another from their early days...


fixed link....rofl

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Umm, CG?

by NickNielsen In reply to Blood Sweat and Tears....

You posted the same link twice, and it's the one for the Lighthouse clip on Youtube...

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did I? crap CRAFT to that...

by CG IT In reply to Umm, CG?

ok so I'll fix it...

Here's you made me so very happy.


And When I Die circa 1970 from Japan


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