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Friday Yuk

By Oz_Media ·
Women are like Slinkies.

Women are like Slinkies
They're not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

What did one sperm say to the other?

- "Last one there gets a rotten egg!"

Hilarious Ways To Have Fun At Work

Social and Behavioral Studies

Start rumors,


company relocating, new boss, random drug testing, phone bugging, compulsory personality testing, new compulsory exercise policy, etc.

See how far the rumors escalate.

Getting away without doing any work

Sneaky naps - for people with their own offices without windows. Spill paper clips, pencils or staples on the floor about 6 feet from the door to your office. Lie down and go to sleep with your feet against the closed door and your hand in the pile of paper clips. When someone pushed the door open, quickly get up on your knees, and you have the perfect excuse for being on the floor!


Find a small cardboard box and remove the bottom. Place it on your chosen victim's desk with the bottomless side down on the desk. Fill the box with hole-punch waste, seal the box lid and adress it to the victim. When the victim gets to their desk, they will automatically pick up the box and create their own little blizzard!

Social and Behavioral Studies

Go up to Frank, when he's talking with Dave, and a group of others, and say "Hey Frank, do your impression of Dave!" When Frank protests that he doesn't do an impression of Dave, you say "Don't be modest, you had the whole room in fits yesterday". The leave.

(That one I've done :) )


Put Deep Heat muscle rub on all toilet seats.

Have a great weekend, y'all! B-)

The prank reminds me of grade 6. A couple of us stayed in class during recess and swapped the entire classroom backwards, all desks, teachers desk etc. Then we took the goldfish and flipped his bowl upside down with a piece of glass on top, put it on his desk and slipped the glass out from under it.

Yeah, I ws nice ONCE, when I was really little.

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by Jaqui In reply to Ever have one of those mo ...

no booze in my life so I don't make that mistake.

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I have plenty of booze in my life

by ITgirli In reply to nope

...and I still don't make that mistake.

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You don't

by Oz_Media In reply to I have plenty of booze in ...

What's to say the other guy doesn't though! :^O

Sory, just couldn't resist that one.

But by JUST reading your title, I was thinking....'Well duh, we ALL know that!'

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No more than you, I am sure.

by ITgirli In reply to You don't

I'm a germ-a-phobe, so the thought of someone I don't know is just too icky.

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there's nothing wrong with #13

by ITgirli In reply to What Not to Say After Sex

It makes things less complicated.

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The Cheating Spouse

by jdclyde In reply to Friday Yuk

A lawyer who works in Seattle gets a call about an emergency which requires him to immediately fly out of the state for a short period of time. He has no time to pack, so he calls home to tell his wife he is going. The maid answers the call, but is quite hesitant about putting his wife on the phone.

After quite a bit of interrogation, she admits that the wife is upstairs in bed with the mailman! The lawyer is furious, and wants to rush right home, but of course there is the emergency of which he must take care.

So, he tells the maid to go and get the gun from the desk drawer and kill both his wife and the mailman.

She protests! The lawyer explains that under Washington State law it is legal to kill your adulterous wife and her lover. Using his silver tongue, he finally convinces her to do it.

She puts down the phone, and soon the lawyer hears a scream, the sound of two gun shots, some loud thumps and finally, two splashes.

The maid comes back to the phone. The lawyer asks, "Did you kill them?"

"Yes," she replies.

The lawyer questions her again, "What did you do with the bodies?"

"I threw them in the pool," she responds.

There is a brief pause from the lawyer. He asks her, "Did you say the POOL?"

"Yes! I threw them in the pool!" she says.

"Uh, is this 555-8234?"

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Oh my...Saturday night's alright for a fight...but, it's only Friday

by jck In reply to Friday Yuk

jesus...ok...I'm gonna try and live through the staying intoxicated.

OK...limerick time...not the Irish one...

There once was a girl from Bugtussle
Who's butt shaked with much of a hustle
But when in the sack
She'd give you no slack
And you'd end up having strained the wrong muscle.

Have a good weekend all...

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Female Fantasy

by jdclyde In reply to Friday Yuk

In a recent Harris On-line poll 38,562 men across the US were asked to identify woman's ultimate fantasy. 97.8% of the respondents said that a woman's ultimate fantasy is to have two men at once.

While this has been verified by a recent sociological study, it appears that most men do not realize that in this fantasy, one man is cooking and the other is cleaning.

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Wouldn't THAT be nice...

by Jessie In reply to Female Fantasy
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Grow your own

by Oz_Media In reply to Wouldn't THAT be nice...

But don't ***** at those who already have one!

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