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Friday Yuk

By Don Ticulate ·
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This morning

by OnTheRopes In reply to Ambivalence: (n) The coe ...

looking at the picture I think that my primary emotion would be relief that it wasn't me. Not funny but there it is.

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I would think

by maecuff In reply to Ambivalence: (n) The coe ...

that there is at least one person who is having a worse day than me.

Although, I can say, that today isn't too damned bad.

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Honestly? My gut reaction?

by AV . In reply to Ambivalence: (n) The coe ...

I'd likely be pretty PO'ed because I sat in a 5 mile traffic jam for 2 hours and was late for work because of rubberneckers gawking at the car as they creeped by. Of course I hope no one was hurt, but at the time all I can think of is why didn't this guy take better care of his car.


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Profound sympathy

by Absolutely In reply to Ambivalence: (n) The coe ...

...for those who designed & built that car, only to see it
1. requested in that hideous color
2. maintained so carelessly that it bursts into flames.

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A "last day on the job" example for Mae

by neilb@uk In reply to Friday Yuk

<img src="">
With due apologies to 'Ropes for muscling in on his terrirtory of Pikkies of the Week...
Now THIS would be a seriously good crop circle!

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Works for me Neil

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A "last day on the job" e ...

And no naughty 4 letter words either.

Col ]:)

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He did

by rob mekel In reply to Works for me Neil

edit that photo nicely, didn't he Col
Now for the change ....

A man was in a bar and needed a light for his cigarette. The man next to him pulled out a long, thin lighter such as the first man had never seen before. The first man asked the second man where he got it.
The second man said, "There is a genie living in a bottle next to the river. If you go there and rub the bottle, the genie will grant you one wish."
The first man found the bottle near the river and rubbed it. The genie appeared and said, "I will grant you one wish." The man thinks for a while and says, "I want one million bucks."
The genie says, "It is done. Go home and in one hour go look out of your window into your front yard." After an hour, the man looked outside and all he saw was DUCKS everywhere.
The man was irate. He went back to the bar and said to the man with the lighter, "I am so disgusted. I found the genie, but instead of one million bucks, that genie gave me one million DUCKS.
The other man said, "You think you're disgusted. Do you honestly think I asked that genie for a nine-inch BIC?"

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Great picture.

by OnTheRopes In reply to A "last day on the job" e ...

The Yuk could do with a lot more pictures no matter <i>who</i> posts 'em. Sometimes the reading gets a little tedious especially when there isn't even a decent punchline.

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Millenium Stadium, Cardiff?

by Don Ticulate In reply to A "last day on the job" e ...
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OMG!!! THEY can write English now!!! :0 :0 :0

by TechExec2 In reply to A "last day on the job" e ...

And, THEY appear to have some anger management issues. Maybe THEY are not that unlike us after all! :^0

I still think all crop circles are done by people...

Of course, on the programmer's last day at the stadium, s/he would rig the JumboTron to say F*CK OFF!

I suppose that would be like dropping a bomb on the bridge, not just burning it... :^0

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