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Friday Yuk (and you thought I forgot)

By Oz_Media ·
Now all in fun, even Republicans can have a giggle here.

Sorry Colin, I didn't check to see if anyone else had posted yet. ooooops.


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by maecuff In reply to Hey Mae! I'm 20 years old

That's a good way of looking at it. 20 with 29 years of experience, you must do 20 better than all those young girls who still don't understand that gravity matters. Of course, with a little effort, well placed mirrors and dry ice, gravity can kiss my ***..

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Damn

I love your answer it's brilliant.


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String theory!

by mlandis In reply to Damn

We are not only pulled on by the earth, but pressed on by the universe! Gravity does kiss *** - it has to!


P.S. I do lots of numbers better than 20 year olds.

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Maureen, you're so cool ....

by jardinier In reply to What a difference 30 Year ...

I will pay you the ultimate compliment (that exists in my personal vocabulary) ....

You're my kinda guy !


1. Radios were built with vacuum tubes.

2. Radio broadcasts ended at 11 pm.

3. There were no Walkmans.

4. There was no TV.

5. There were no computers.

6. Kids read comic books.

7. Kids played cowboys and Indians instead of "Wow ! Zap !" violent computer games.

8. Milk, fresh from the cow, was delivered daily. It was not pasteurised, homogenised, sanitised, sterilised. And NONE of us caught nasty germs from it.

9. We kept fowls in the back yard to provide a steady supply of "free range" eggs.

10. A lot of our vegetables and fruit were grown at home.

11. Boys were boys and girls were girls and it was easy to differentiate between them by their clothing and hair styles.

12. Sex was evil and unhygenic. [When myself and the girl next door, aged 10 and 7 respectively, decided to "have a look" at each other, she subsequently rode her tricycle around the yard knickerless. I SINCERELY believed that if I rode on that same tricycle I would catch some awful disease.]

13. Sex before marriage was a no-no. My fiancee, against my wishes, had one surgical and two chemical abortions rather than face the wrath of her father.

14. We never DREAMT of answering back to our parents or teachers.

15. If we wanted to see a movie, we had to go to the cinema.

16. There were no doubt some illicit drugs around, but these were only known to some esoteric minority.

17. We sincerely believed that all politicians, clergymen, policemen and others in public office were totally honest.

18. We did not know the "F" word.

19. We built cubby houses or tree houses.

20. We were sublimely ignorant of all the ills, wars and injustices in the world.

Ah, those halcyon days .... if only ....

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Vacuum tubes!

by mlandis In reply to Maureen, you're so cool . ...

Thanks for the compliment.

One of the guys we know is ever in search of vacuum tubes for his varied and sundry needs.

I grew up in New York City, but in the more rural areas of the country, TV and Radio did stop broadcasting around midnight.

and 17? It was nice to have that belief, but if you were one of the kids abused by such a universally respected person, you had nowhere to turn, and no one to help you.

My mother enjoys telling the kids of milking the cows and churning butter - she is 73 and grew up on a farm in Ireland.

I am sorry about no. 13 - kids today do have better access to birth control and information. That had to be very hard for you and for her. I am sorry that you had to go through that, and that it still pains you. We can discuss this another time, if you wish. I had no choice in 2 very wanted pregnancies - the children would not have survived outside the womb, and it still hurts. What if, what if, what if...

Gotta go for now


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by alok In reply to Friday Yuk (and you thoug ...

anybody here for a friendship ...with a mangalore...

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We're all friends

by Oz_Media In reply to hi

For the most part, we ae all friends here.

If you are wondering if people are here to form relationhsips, this is not a dating service.

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by jck In reply to We're all friends

can't sell yourself here.

Even tho I try...being the swill that I am ]:)

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Oh man..

by maecuff In reply to We're all friends

THAT's why I've been posting here for so long without a date. And I thought it was just me.

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by jck In reply to Oh man..

I haven't had a real girlfriend since before Clinton became president.

Oh well...don't feel alone.

BTW...did I mention I'm jdclyde will be legally single in about a year?

go get him...hahahahaha

BTW...can anyone tell me why married people (who have the financial means to buy them) don't wear wedding bands when they're not swingers?

Baffles me...guess I'm too traditional

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