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Friday Yuk (and you thought I forgot)

By Oz_Media ·
Now all in fun, even Republicans can have a giggle here.

Sorry Colin, I didn't check to see if anyone else had posted yet. ooooops.


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About Wedding Bands

by DMambo In reply to hehehe

I had a boss once who told his wife immediately after his honeymoon that he could not wear his wedding ring because it might get caught in macinery at work. I guess he was afraid of getting it caught in the keyboard. :)

I really believe he didn't wear it so he wouldn't advertise that he was married. Keeping his options open, I guess

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I just don't get it

by jck In reply to About Wedding Bands

sure, I could understand if it endangered you that you take it off at work.

When I get married, I want everyone to know I'm married. I'll be proud of my wife. Not wanting her just because she's a trophy or a social statement about my manhood.

Christ...that's really what's wrong with the world...everyone doing everything...mostly for the wrong reasons.

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It's all about #1

by DMambo In reply to I just don't get it

What so many think is that NOTHIING is more important than their own happiness. The day I found out my wife was pregnant with our first, I decided for myself that from that point forward, my life was secondary to my new family. If people don't allow their spouses and children to change who they are, then they really shouldn't merge their life with someone else's. I see it all the time in marriages that fail. One or both decides that they need something more than what they have to be fulfilled. If they would re-examine it and decide that the FAMILY needs something more, then we'd be better off as a society.

I'll climb down from the soapbox now.

(How the **** does this fit into a Friday Yuk?????)

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I completely ruined my first ring

by jdclyde In reply to About Wedding Bands

wearing it to work. I was a shop rat and to ruin a gold band takes quite a bit. So I had to get a new one. Now I have two and haven't worn either in over three years.

I think more people (guys) put ON a ring to get women then the other way around. After all, everyone knows women ONLY want what they can't have! EVERYONE knows that! ;\

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Wedding bands

by Oz_Media In reply to hehehe

I couldn't wear one because I was into mechanical, machining and welding trades, and it's pretty dangerous to have any rings on.

I used to wear both fists full of gold (plated)'heavy metal' style rings though. I was allergic to those silver/nickle ones they sell streetside, so I had to save up and get them made by a jewler friend instead. After having some 'problems', as an agnst ridden and aggressive young man, I wasbeen kindly spoken to by the BC courts and told quite clearly that I am not to wear such rings anymore, just a wedding band.

At least I get an all over hand tan.

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No, Maecuff

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh man..

It's definitely the picture you use as your avatar. How do you function with no eyes, ears or mouth? Glad it's not a full body shot, I'd feel compelled to send money to some limbless hermaphrodite in the USA!

I find a lot of TR's peers all look the same. Just a grey bunch of faceless people.

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Funny you should say that..

by maecuff In reply to No, Maecuff

Just today, at lunch, my husband told me that I'd be a lot easier to get along with if I had no arms or legs. He's a demented man..

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Dude we don't mean THAT kind of a Republic..:)

by TomSal In reply to hi


But yeah you know I don't really have a lot of real, true, honest to god friends. (Don't tear up, I don't...I'm all about quality and not quantity -- that and I kind of like being a semi-loner Sure I have the acquaintences that everyone has and some call friends -- "Yeah I have like 400 friends..." you really don' to prove that point --- Get in a really critical situation in your life, one that is not glamorius or fun in any remote way whatsoever, or fall on hard times financial/physically then ask your "400 friends" for'll see real quick who is left standing by you.

But I digress (bitter? Party of one? Your DAMN ) all my years I've NEVER walked up to someone and said "Can you be my friend?".

Somethings in life just happen through natural course of time and how you deal with people...but you don't just say "be my friend".

And finally....yeah we are buds here -- in the virutal get pissed off at each in our posts, with colossal disagreements to the point you can picture the person seething with hatred as blood trickles down their ear all the while their face twitching ever so slightly kind of way.......oh but we tell jokes sometimes to and support each other through our posts..

but yeah we are like friends..


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Kind of like family

by jdclyde In reply to Dude we don't mean THAT k ...

After all, who would treat you so badly but a big brother or sister?

But just let someone ELSE beat on you and they will answer to ME! :^)

A proud moment for me was when a punk started pushing one of my boys around (the smaller of the two) and Thing One got right in his face and told him that if he messed with his brother he was mess with him. He was informed by me that they would NEVER get in trouble at home for standing up for each other.

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Stay away from JCK

by DMambo In reply to hi

But don't tell him you heard that from me!!!

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