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Friday Yuk: Be Nice To Your Copier

By lindamarie ·
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Got another one for you all. Hope you enjoy this one:

Linda Marie

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Oh Yeah, today is FRIDAY!

by w2ktechman In reply to Bats & Fairy Tales

I almost forgot... But looking around, where is everyone for the YUK???

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Sorry I'm late

by Steffi28 In reply to Oh Yeah, today is FRIDAY!

Can I be excused please sir?? I was very busy today watching my mum get loaded with needles, actually that sounds really bad, i watched her having acupuncture not becoming a junkie lol.

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Playing with needles can be dangerous

by w2ktechman In reply to Sorry I'm late

especially if they get re-used :0

Ok, you are forgiven...this time :)

Ahhh, I took Monday off this week, so I now have 2 more full days of my weekend. Too bad its mostly trying to figure out where the heck stuff should go (and what to throw out).

I finally got my garage mostly sorted out. And a good chunk of the back yard (yeahhh I thought it would take 2 days for these). Now I just have a bunch of boxes in several rooms to finish sorting. ughhh...

did I ever mention, moving sucks! Especially when you got a lot of crap (yes crap, in many cases). At first its all of the big stuff, and vital stuff, then it gets right down to the little crap. Stuff that I would have to buy again, cause I'll use it, but it is just so damned tedious.

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Plastic Storage Boxes

by Tig2 In reply to Playing with needles can ...

And a P-touch labeler. These tools can save your life when moving.

I have numerous plastic storage boxes. They are clearly labeled. When it comes time to move, all I have to do is make sure that they move with me. Every year I assess. If I haven't touched it, wanted it, used it, or needed it in the past 12 months, I sell it at a garage sale for the 3 Day.

When I moved in with Mike, I deep-sixed a bunch of stuff. I will likely do so again as there is way too much crap here and I can't do anything with my craft stuff anyway.

Good news is that I should be able to raise a bunch of money selling off the craft stuff.

Chin up. In a few weeks it will be like you have always been there.

Edit- missed a critical "s"

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Yup, they help

by w2ktechman In reply to Plastic Storage Boxes

got Halloween and Christmas stuff in 'em.

As for most things, if they are just going to be stored, I am either taking them to the dumps or giving them to goodwill/salvation army.
Personally I do not have the patience for a garage sale. Sitting around all day while idiots come up and say dumba$$ things, nope, not for me. I went to a garage sale a couple of years ago. This guy had a brand new shelving unit, unboxed, with the original price tag on it (something like $89.99). The guy wanted $20 for it. someone comes up and says, "I'll give you $8", when he said no, the price listed is what he was asking, he got ripped on by this guy.
Nope, not for me, I'd likely kick this guy in the face, and get sued.

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I feel your pain <nt>

by mad tabby In reply to Playing with needles can ...
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I don't get it.

by daveo2000 In reply to Bats & Fairy Tales

Why do bears have a cat?

and why hadn't she made the porrige yet?

and why do I have to duck and do I have to quack when I do?

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I don't know about the first two but

by Steffi28 In reply to I don't get it.

You definitely have to quack, in fact Dave spend the whole day just quacking, if someone talks to you just quack at them!

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quack quack

by Shellbot In reply to I don't get it.

not quite sure what substances your on mate..

i hope your in a happy place though :)

quack quack

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Q & A

by Bubba69 In reply to Friday Yuk: Be Nice To Yo ...

Q: What do girls and rocks have in common?

A: Everyone skips the flat ones.
Q: Why do fat chicks give better head?

A: Because they have to.
Q: What do you get when you breed an elephant with a poodle?

A: A dead poodle, split in half.
Q: Why don?t witches wear underwear?

A: So they can get a better grip on the broom.
Q: Do you know how to grow your own dope?

A: Plant a woman!
Q: What?s the difference between a wife and a hippopotamus?

A: One has a big mouth and a fat a$$?and the other one lives somewhere in Africa.

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