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Friday Yuk: Interview tips

By lindamarie ·
IT jobs seem to be the most shaky these days. Here are a few things you should avoid doing during interviews:

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Why did the Computer Chicken Cross the Road?

by Shellbot In reply to Bad Day for Unix?

Why did the Computer Chicken Cross the Road?

1.Assembler Chicken: First, it builds the road .?..

2.C Chicken: It crosses the road without looking both ways.

3.C++ Chicken: The chicken wouldn't have to cross the road, you' d simply refer to him on the other side.


5.Cray Chicken: Crosses faster than any other chicken, but if you don't dip it in liquid nitrogen first, it arrives on the other side frazzled.

6.Delphi Chicken: The chicken is dragged across the road and dropped on the other side.

7.Gopher Chicken: Tried to run but got beaten by the Web chicken.

8.Intel Pentium Chicken: The chicken crossed 4.9999978 times.

9.Iomega Chicken: The chicken should have ' backed up' before crossing.

10.Java Chicken: If your road needs to be crossed by a chicken, then the server will download one to the other side. (Of course, those are chicklets.)

11.Linux Chicken: Don't you *dare* try to cross the road the same way we do!

12.Mac Chicken: No reasonable chicken owner would want a chicken to cross the road, so there's no way to tell it how to cross the road.

13.Newton Chicken: Can't cluck, can't fly, and can't lay eggs, but you can carry it across the road in your pocket.

14.OOP Chicken: It doesn't need to cross the road, it just sends a message.

15.OS/2 Chicken: It crossed the road in style years ago, but it was so quiet that nobody noticed.

16.Microsoft's Chicken: It's already on both sides of the road. What's more its just bought the road.

17.Windows 95 Chicken: You see different coloured feathers while it crosses, but when you cook it still tastes like........ chicken.

18.Quantum Logic Chicken: The chicken is distributed probabilistically on all sides of the road until you observe it on the side of your choice.

19.VB Chicken: USHighways! <TheRoad.cross> (aChicken)

20.XP Chicken Jumps out onto the road, turns right, and just keeps on running.

21.The Longhorn Chicken had an identity crisis and is now calling itself Vista.

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what the heck guys?????

by Shellbot In reply to Friday Yuk: Interview ti ...

where is everyone??
did ye all take the day off?
or did you get tricked into working??

<tumbleweed rolls by...>

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How do you keep a geek in suspense?

by jdclyde In reply to what the heck guys?????
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by jdclyde In reply to How do you keep a geek in ...
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Are you

by jdclyde In reply to ?
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It is

by jdclyde In reply to Are you

kind of suspenseful......

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by jdclyde In reply to It is

I know, very immature and childish. Hey, it is from me, so what did you expect, Shakespeare?



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Thinking back

by jdclyde In reply to Ok....

if you did the stupid print view, it really would have taken away a lot of the funny/stupidity of this thread...

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oh well

by jdclyde In reply to Ok....

what the heck, it amused me....

man, it is going to be one of "those" daze... and I have only been here an hour!

Will go through the files and try to come back with something that is actually funny... ;\

How many out there are vagitarians? :0

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by Shellbot In reply to Ok....

vagitarian? :0

If ye meant vegitarian..then heck no!!

If ye meant "something" else..then eh..that would also be a negatory!!!!

<laughs loudly and wipes tears from eyes>

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