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Friday Yuk? Nope. Friday Music.

By Mickster269 ·
While the Friday Yuk is a time honored tradition here (and it's many offspring... Midweek Yuk, Thursday Yuk, etc)-

I'm going to offer a new idea.

We Techies tend to live in our own world- that the sales wonks, the advertising geeks, and the general staff don't understand.

And often, we listen to tunes they don't comprehend. So here's our chance to let our little world share tunes that make us rock.

Not "earwigs", mind you - No Gloria Gaynier this time...(ducks)

But our own private tunes that get us thru our week.

My first offering:

"The House of the Rising Sun"

Just wait until I find a link to "Inna Gadda Da Vida"...

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An open heart...

by TechExec2 In reply to I've been struggling

An open heart will completely understand when another open heart needed a little time to deal with this loss.

Now that I have read this thread and watched Max's @#%$! video, I need to get back to work. My mind is demanding to regain control over my heart and to reinforce the illusion about who is really in control.

Take care, Mae. All the best to your friend and her family.

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Disregard - Double Post

by maxwell edison In reply to Friday Yuk? Nope. Friday ...
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Well, video, anyway...

by Maevinn In reply to One of my favorites

I can't post a link (darned internet restrictions! :)) but you can find the video at, under the VSpot--OK Go, Here It Goes Again. Awesome video. And, one of my more favorite songs...Black Horse and a Cherry Tree, by KT Tunstall. Fun lyrics, very singable, and she's got an awesome voice.

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80's Videos

by DugaDugDug In reply to Friday Yuk? Nope. Friday ...

Inna Gadda Da Vida by Slayer by chance?

Unfortunately I didn't find it here but this might bring back memories for most from a long time ago (although when I say the 80's, I don't think of it as a long time ago (what is twenty years anyway)) :-)

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You say things like that to make us old guys cry, don't you?

by Mickster269 In reply to 80's Videos

"Inna Gadda Da Vida by Slayer by chance? "


Actually, I was refering to the one by Iron Butterfly...

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by DugaDugDug In reply to You say things like that ...

nah, I know of and like the original version as well. Off to see Led Zepplica next Thursday. Am interested to see how they are compared to Michael White and The White.

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As bad as the day

by NickNielsen In reply to You say things like that ...

I was sitting in my barracks room (yes, it was a while back) listening to the "Kinks Greatest Hits." One of the kinder stopped in the door and asked who that was doing a Van Halen song.


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don't have the video

by jdclyde In reply to 80's Videos

but I have the MP3!

Pantera playing Cat Scratch Fever is also something to endure.....

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Speaking of 80's videos

by maecuff In reply to 80's Videos

I love this video. And it's not my usual music, but for some reason, this has always been a favorite. And, when she's dancing with the shopping cart, it makes me tear up. I have NO idea why. When I figure THAT out AND memorize the Y&Z encyclopedias, I'll know everything. :)

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