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Friday Yuk? Nope. Friday Music.

By Mickster269 ·
While the Friday Yuk is a time honored tradition here (and it's many offspring... Midweek Yuk, Thursday Yuk, etc)-

I'm going to offer a new idea.

We Techies tend to live in our own world- that the sales wonks, the advertising geeks, and the general staff don't understand.

And often, we listen to tunes they don't comprehend. So here's our chance to let our little world share tunes that make us rock.

Not "earwigs", mind you - No Gloria Gaynier this time...(ducks)

But our own private tunes that get us thru our week.

My first offering:

"The House of the Rising Sun"

Just wait until I find a link to "Inna Gadda Da Vida"...

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I've got it!

by jdclyde In reply to Speaking of 80's videos

Because you have matching slippers?

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by Tig2 In reply to I've got it!

Aren't you in enough trouble??? Do you wnat to be in more? Do you honestly think Mae is the fluffy pink slippers type???

I would be more careful than this, were I you. She's gonna get you. And GG and I will hold you down when she does...

Be very, very careful...

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oh, I am sure

by jdclyde In reply to JD, JD, JD

I can think of a worse fate in life than to have three hot geekettes on me!

Hope one and all has a great weekend. I am out of here!

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by maecuff In reply to JD, JD, JD put the three of us together and we'd be unstoppable. We'd have them on their knees (where their species belong) and begging for mercy..


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On our knees...

by neilb@uk In reply to T2

And I'd still be taller than Gadget...

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Well then

by maecuff In reply to On our knees...

she has some advantages, doesn't she? Besides, you don't have to be tall to make a man whimper.

I've done my share. :)

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I don't wear slippers

by maecuff In reply to I've got it!

I'm from KY. We go barefoot.

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I almost

by jdclyde In reply to I don't wear slippers

had a comment about USING KY, but decided to cut my losses and run for now. ;\

Hope your able to salvage something good out of this weekend Mae.

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That's okay

by maecuff In reply to I almost

I don't need KY, anyway.

The weekend will be fine. I have a bottle of 151 that will be put to good use later on tonight.

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Been a LONG time

by jdclyde In reply to That's okay

since the daze of 151! I don't think I have gotten into that since the late 80's!

My buds cat LOVED 151. pour some in the cap, set it down and Jake would empty the cap. My but used to **** smoke from funny cigarettes in the cats face too, and Jake would be all sniffing it up. That pu$$ycat could party!

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