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Friday Yuk? Nope. Friday Music.

By Mickster269 ·
While the Friday Yuk is a time honored tradition here (and it's many offspring... Midweek Yuk, Thursday Yuk, etc)-

I'm going to offer a new idea.

We Techies tend to live in our own world- that the sales wonks, the advertising geeks, and the general staff don't understand.

And often, we listen to tunes they don't comprehend. So here's our chance to let our little world share tunes that make us rock.

Not "earwigs", mind you - No Gloria Gaynier this time...(ducks)

But our own private tunes that get us thru our week.

My first offering:

"The House of the Rising Sun"

Just wait until I find a link to "Inna Gadda Da Vida"...

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The 151

by maecuff In reply to That's okay

didn't work out too good. Damn, that stuff is wicked. I drank a shot of it and forgot how to breath for a good 20 seconds.

I switched to tequila.

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oh yeah

by jdclyde In reply to That's okay

NOW I remember WHY it has been so long!

Or even longer, "Everclear". There is just something wrong about drinking something that has the same warning labels lighter fluid has.

Check this vid out. Ever done this? B-) Bout 20 years ago!

This really cheered me up! :^0

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by maecuff In reply to That's okay

I have done that, or at least similar. I was at a bar and got a flaming shot and tried to put it out by quickly smothering it. Flames shot out from both sides of the shotglass a good two feet down the bar. The bartender wouldn't let me have any more flaming shots after that. And really, as long as we're on the subject, what's the point of setting your liquor on fire?

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set the bar on fire one night

by jdclyde In reply to That's okay

Some dumba$$ had spilt a shot earlier (not flambing). We were smoking cigars. Next thing we know, my bud mentions it was warm and we look and his arm in on fire. (oops)

you couldn't even see the bar burning with that light blue flame until it got his arm.

No, I don't see a point to flaming shots.

Send someone a nice cement mixer is always fun though! ]:)

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I don't understand

by maecuff In reply to That's okay

A cement mixer?

I'm a little foggy today. And I slept horribly. I had the theme to HR Puffinstuff going through my head all night.

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jd: Good vid!

by neilb@uk In reply to That's okay

The chick with the skirt on fire was really getting toasted. You really have to drink those things quickly as the longer they burn, the hotter they get.

The next vid on that site was funny too.

Now I really must go shopping! Have a good weekend y'all

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Cement mixer is a joke drink

by jdclyde In reply to That's okay

1 jigger Bailey's? Irish cream
1 jigger lime juice

swish around in your mouth, and the cream curdles in your mouth. How grand! I don't recommend EVER having one. Send to someone you really don't like.

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Iron butterfly...

by neilb@uk In reply to 80's Videos
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And would you believe

by jdclyde In reply to Iron butterfly...

I have this on vynil? All 28 minutes of it!


"In the garden of eden honey, don't cha know that my luv is trueeooooo?"

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by NickNielsen In reply to And would you believe

Iron Butterfly!
Vanilla Fudge!
Strawberry Alarm Clock!

Where's my tye-die t-shirts? Who did what with my Jesus sandals? I need a hippie wig quick! Oh, wait, I still have my own hair..

No! Why couldn't the date have been October 7? I coulda been there if the concert date was Saturday, Oct 7. :_|

Bummer. Oh, well, like you, JD, I have the vinyl. B-)

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