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FRIDAY YUK - Official! Queen Gadget says so!!

By neilb@uk ·
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Where is out Gutter patrol :0

by DadsPad In reply to FRIDAY YUK - Official! Qu ...

Seems when I try to sink to the gutter with a joke, I get kicked back to purity. Is there a filter set?

Maybe is out gutter girls would post jokes, the filter would dissipate!

My wife knows I am not pure, or we would not have been married so long.

Edited for curiosity, can men be more pure that women? :_|

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Men are always more 'Pure' than women

by The Scummy One In reply to Where is out Gutter patro ...

until they finally break down due to the women constantly messing with our minds

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Pure, but not by choice

by jdclyde In reply to Men are always more 'Pure ...

My ex gave me sum once and we had twins. She never let me near her again.... :0

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No, DadsPad, men are not purer than women

by AV . In reply to Where is out Gutter patro ...

You were curious, so I answered.

Women are delicate flowers. Most of you guys should have a warning label similar to the warning on a pack of cigarats "Men are hazardous to your health and may result in possible multiple births or even worse, broken-heart disease."

There ya go.

AV :^0

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I am glad this is a YUK! or I could have taken you seriously

by DadsPad In reply to No, DadsPad, men are not ...

Women can be delicate flowers, raging tigers or sluts depending on time, place and especially person. [Golden Girls, Sophia brings Burt Reynolds in door. He asks which one is the ****, all three raise their hands.] In other words, women are what they want to be at any time they choose. :^0

Dr. Phil was on David Letterman who asked him what was the key to a successful marriage (he was married 31 years). He said mutual respect and do what she says.

Now 'broken heart desease' is not gender specific. Would be a good bet you broke a lot of hearts yourself. :) We say little boys will be a lady killer (a horrible thing to say) and little girls will break a lot of hearts.

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Of course I was kidding!

by AV . In reply to I am glad this is a YUK! ...

I probably should have said women LOOK like delicate flowers. I'm really not a Dr. Phil fan, but he does have a point. I don't know about broken-heart disease though. I think women tend to get more emotionally involved in what would be considered a casual relationship to men.

AV :^0

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