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Friday Yuk..Come ON people

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Fooling Around
One Sunday morning George burst into the living room and said, "Dad! Mom! I have some great news for you! I am getting married to the most beautiful girl in town. She lives a block away and her name is Susan. After dinner, George's dad took him aside, "Son, I have to talk with you. Look at your mother, George. She and I have been married 30 years, she's a wonderful wife and mother, but, she has never offered much excitement in the bedroom, so I used to fool around with women a lot."

"Susan is actually your half sister, and I'm afraid you can't marry her." George was brokenhearted.

After eight months he eventually started dating girls again. A year later he came home and very proudly announced, "Diane said yes! We're getting married in June." Again his father insisted on another private conversation and broke the sad news. "Diane is your half sister too, George.

"I'm awfully sorry about this." George was livid! He finally decided to go to his mother with the news his father had shared.

"Dad has done so much harm. I guess I'm never going to get married," he complained. "Every time I fall in love, Dad tells me the girl is my half sister."

"Hee hee," his mother chuckled, shaking her head, "Don't pay any attention to what he says. He's not really your father."

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JD, I contacted Federal Inept

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Like the classic song goe ...

They're rerouting my order of hard hats to you.

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Wouldn't be much help Palmetto

by jdclyde In reply to Like the classic song goe ...

THAT isn't the end she is going for.... :0

Kind of makes you wonder though, as it seems that after all this time, it is HER that seems to be pre-occupied with sticking things THERE! ;\

Makes you go "hhmmmmmmmm"!

B-) :^0

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Well, JD, you keep asking for it

by Absolutely In reply to Like the classic song goe ...

It looks like it makes you go "mmmmmmmmmm"!


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<<hands mae hip waders>> ~NT~

by Jaqui In reply to Like the classic song goe ...
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It's devolving. One post at a time.

by meryllogue In reply to Like the classic song goe ...

Lower it sinks.... Will the swamp reclaim its own? lol

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It appears that the lower it sinks

by The Scummy One In reply to Like the classic song goe ...

the more Pond Scum is around!!!
Hmmm, any connection there?

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Things haven't changed :-)

by Surflover In reply to The correct answer

Hi Mae, JD !,

I see you are still have the same banters going you did a couple years ago :-)...

I've been off starting up a virtualization company (racemi) since I last haunted these posts... Haven't had (and still really don't have) the time to post like I did in 2005, but it's good to see the gang's still here :-)... I'll try to start posting some again...

Be Well!

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Hey Surf!

by maecuff In reply to Things haven't changed :- ...

Has it really been a couple of years? I must be getting mind is slipping.

<there you go, JD, I lobbed you a softball>

Anyway, good to see you again! How's the company coming along?

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Hi Mae :-)

by Surflover In reply to Hey Surf!

Growing like crazy, keeping me swamped!... check it out, it's pretty cool stuff :-)... ( and yes my dear, it has been almost 23 months since I perused the TR watercooler :-)

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Time flies..

by maecuff In reply to Hi Mae :-)

I checked out your website. I promise to pass your information along whenever I can.

I recently got out of management (started a new job 6 weeks ago) so, I have recently lost all my decision making responsibilities. Kinda nice, actually.

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