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By DMambo ·
I'll preface this by stating that I do a good job for my employer because that's how I was brought up, and that's what I believe is the right thing to do. However that sentiment will not stop me from bitchin' about this.

I just finished being evaluated by my boss, who is located across the country. The eval period was for the year 2005 (3 months late), and was the first review I've had since 2002. Also, for the past 2 years, there has been a salary freeze corporate wide.

Following a glowing eval, I asked my boss if he had any feedback from folks in my local plant. He replied that he just never had time to do that, but would consider it for next time. I asked him about the salary increase that I could expect after this excellent review, and he referred me to local HR.

When I approached HR, I was told that the salary increases took effect 1-March, and now that my review was complete, I could expect a retroactive increase in my next check. How much does an exceptional rating merit? A whopping 2%!! I asked the HR manager how much of an increase people with Average ratings would receive, and she told me that all salaried personnel are due 2% increases this year.

Kind of makes those weekend nights when I was trying to minimize system downtime all worth it!

I feel better now. I like my job, and the pay's good for my area, so I'm not leaving. Thanks for listening.

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But 2% of what?

by joe. In reply to From the "Why Bother" fil ...

I got 6.5% this year but it doesn't make that much difference because I am still getting paid below the going rate. I just wonder how much they are going to pay me when I become a contractor. Maybe the free market will even things out.

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It's not so much the impact on my salary

by DMambo In reply to But 2% of what?

It's the idea that after a long wage freeze, all salaried people get the same measley increase. Regardless of performance. To me, it shows a lack of effort on the part of management. They're too lazy to make the decisions they're being paid to make.

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by In reply to From the "Why Bother" fil ...

Any raise handled badly demotivates until the next raise.

And a raise handled well is motivating for about a month or two.

An across-the-board raise like that probably did not follow their own HR procedures. It is the quickest and the laziest way to do raises.

A one time bonus for the top 10% would have gone a long way, even if it was just $400.

Where my husband works, the top 15% (evaluated every year) get to park where the level 1 managers park, instead of out in the "north 40".

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Can't pay for performance

by DMambo In reply to

If they actually paid for performance, the evaluations would have to be realistic, consistant and fair. I'd wager that my boss gave most of his direct report very good evals. That's because we're a geograhically dispersed bunch and most sites have under 5 IT employees. That makes it tougher to replace people, so doing an adequate job is probably good enough in his view. As long as the remote sites are quiet, ie no local managers complaining about IT personnel, my boss is probably happy.

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Consider least you ARE working!

by bg6638 In reply to From the "Why Bother" fil ...

DMambo, I know that you must be feeling hurt about receiving a small increase, however you need to realize that at least you DO have a job! I went from having a 3 yr wage freeze and promotion placed on hold, to a company wide 20% pay cut plus removal of the company 401k match, to complete job loss and 3 weeks of vacation pay lost thru chapter 7 bankruptcy! Add to that a 3 year job search that has turned up no meaningful offer(s) to date! Besides myself, I have a group of friends who would be *MORE* than willing to trade places with you!

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by Shellbot In reply to Consider least y ...

sorry about your position mate..hopefully something will happen soon.
You doing any upskilling ?

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