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Funny ageism stories

By paron ·
As a followup to the "Prejudice, cynism in the IT sector? Impossible!" thread, I thought it might be fun to share the most humiliating ageist interview experiences we've had. I had so many to choose from -- the two HR girls who told me stories about their fathers all through the interview, the guy who asked, "There's a lot of walking in this job, would you be OK with that?", and a host of others -- but my favorite happened while I was a 50-year old Master's Candidate.

One of my professors had a call from the Telephone Services office on Campus. They needed someone to munge a file from Excel to another format for import into some program they were buying. He recommended me, and sent me over.

When I told them why I was there, the head of the department said, "Oh we were expecting someone...." and then just stopped and got redder and redder. I finally suggested "Shorter?" (I'm 6'4"). Then we both started to laugh -- she was about my age, so she knew from both sides what the joke was.

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Looked over mine...

by cedrics In reply to No age on resume

I just looked over my resume. Im 28, have been working desk/retailer support for the technical contract on our state lottery. I recently got promoted to systems operation/admin(one of so I had to polish off my resume. I have since gone in and removed the dates for non relevant activities. While I have military experience and self experience, I am glad that people now cannot see what my 'age' is. Im just finishing my BS after a marriage (mine), family illness(cancer), military service(mine) and change of major program from music/English Lit. to Information Management/Comp. Sci. since 1995, so im a little weak in the employment area and my dates of attendance for school make me look unsettled.

Good idea. Thank you.

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Resumes and more

by aapjanaya In reply to The Resume..........

The last time I had a job interview, the girl complained about my Resume's length, she said they were interested only on my contemporary appliable skills.
About a year ago, when a young fellow saw the date on my college diploma, questioned if in those days machines resembled the ENIAC.
Another kid compared assembly language with Latin, he said it was dead, and aged me for knowing how to code it.
During the late 2000 syndrome years, I supervised a team of new grads, their known languages were C++, VBasic, and Pascal (as a decaying one), to them Cobol and Fortran were in prehistory. The project was meant to recode about 100 'jurassic' Fortran programs into 100 'cretaceous' Cobols along with 2000 year fixings. I made a fast review on the languages, with no restrictions, since we had Object Cobol 96 at the mainframe, which was almost the same we had in our PCs, if we didn't use its Visual features. For a time there were no managment complaints, not until the first tested module was released to the 'cambrian' maintenance guys, "this isn't Cobol code!" we were blamed, they were unwilling to learn anything beyond Cobol 74. Not even Cobol 85 features such as Screen and Report sections were allowed. Reports had to be 'printed' line by line, and 'seudoscreens' formatted with escape codes. When I explained this to my kids all but one resigned immediately. Maintenance seniles were in their late 40's, as well as myself, but my attitude was in its 20's. My manager dropped all projects with this customer 2 weeks later, at that time there were many options elsewhere.

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to Funny ageism stories

The "two HR girls" are probably talking about that same interview in a discussion thread on sexism. :)

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Rampant raconteurism!

by paron In reply to Girls?

It was snappier than "two women who appeared to be much younger than me and worked in HR rather than any technical area," so my fingers just up and (stereo)typed it before I could get them stopped.

But your point -- that I might have treated them in an equally demeaning manner in the interview -- is a possibility. I don't believe that I did, even after they peered owlishly at the html sample I provided for several minutes before I realized they were looking at the browser rendering instead of looking at the markup.

No, that 'interview' ended in the reception area, as I realized after several minutes of stories about their father's retirements, fumbling attempts to send emails, etc.

This was followed by a whole lot of not-clarifying-the-job-requirements and not-exploring-in-more-depth-my-qualifications. The rest of the 'interview' was a pathetic demonstration of two budding myrmidons trying to dump me without giving me grounds for legal action -- mildly amusing in retrospect, but hard to describe.

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I was just playing devil's advocate

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Rampant raconteurism!

I know you didn't mean anything by it.

I once had a male co-worker who used the word "girls" (and to be fair, he uses the word "boys," too). A female co-worker (who used to be his boss) always got a little bit upset when he used it. I had never given it a second thought because he used both "boys" and "girls"; however, she felt it was inappropriate.

Your post reminded me of that, so I thought I would bring it up.


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Now look what you've done! Blaggard!

by stress junkie In reply to Rampant raconteurism!

Yoo with yore big werds. Yoo maid me yoos the dicshunery twise!!!
( raconteur end myrmidons )

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Oh, dear, I was trying to be funny

by paron In reply to Rampant raconteurism!

And then I thought, "Well, maybe that's part of the ageism -- I might diss younger colleagues without realizing it." So, I went ahead and finished the story -- but I have to admit I went to to check the spelling on a couple of those words I used/made up!

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