gain back write registry privileges to be able to change port setting

By Cebbu ·
I googled about this topic and found few non-workable work around on error "you must have write privileges in the registry for this device in order to modify the device's advanced setting" when changing advance setting under port in device manager in XP Pro.

I have followed some blog like booting on safe mode on administrator account, changing registry {0000, 0001 , etc} to disable deny on all to no avail.

a precise and workable tweaks for this will eventually help me and others

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What is the problem?

by ComputerCookie In reply to gain back write registry ...

I have no problem in accessing advanced settings for com ports in device manager. Having accessed them, I'm not sure why you would want to change them?

I would try again, using the following method,

1. What is the problem, what outcome are you hoping to achieve?

2. Compose your question in a "Word Processing" application and use the grammar check. It should identify sentences and phrases that are unintelligible.

3. Copy and paste your question into the text box when you create the question.

4. Don't be rude!!!

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The problem is you

by Cebbu In reply to What is the problem?

I do not need to compose it in word processing if that what you suggest.

English might be a second language for us but it does not necessarily mean you are better in grammar.

I have compose that in that way to shorten my post. If you are trying to be that genius. Let me try your post "having accessed them" is a phrase subject which is not coherent to you adjective phrase. you should end with a period GENIUS then begin with another sentence."I'm not sure why you would want to change them".

There was no question on what i am trying to do, that is why i did not elaborate. Got it stupid english man.

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To genius

by Cebbu In reply to The problem is you

If you do not understand, "I am not sure why you would want to change them" is not coherent object of your subject phrase " having accessed them".

You might have say, "Having accessed them, I do not see any point of changing them. Or you might have just ask me in a separate question "I am not sure why you want to change them?"

This only shows that being literally born with english language does not mean mastery of it.

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An appalling display of arrogance.

by deepsand In reply to The problem is you

Since when does the supplicant set conditions for the would be benefactor's following?

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Guess what jambenchua?

by Tig2 In reply to The problem is you

You are a flaming troll and no one here will make the tiniest effort to help you given your lousy attitude and trollish behavior. You owe the peers an apology that I doubt you have the wit to compose.

If you want your questions answered, you need to observe the accepted etiquette. Everyone here is a volunteer and no one owes you a bloody thing.

And whether you like it or not, this has been an extremely helpful answer. You owe me a thumb.

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I'll begin here

by Cebbu In reply to gain back write registry ...

To all, I apologize for being rude.

I am writing direct, not in word processing or any other grammar checking software so pardon me for errors.

Under port(com&lpt) tree, I can accessed the advance setting under properties of any item highlighted until or maybe of the windows xp pro updates.

I am not trying to change anything as of this time, I just want to have that accessibility again. There might be additional or deletion of registry or maybe permission denied that was created that cause this to happen, that is what i want to figure out.

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This only happens if you have a limited account

by ComputerCookie In reply to I'll begin here

I have created a limited account, and the problem you described occurred, as I expected.

In safe mode or normal the "Advanced Setting" is not greyed out for the "administrator" or any other administator account.

The advanced settings only allow you to lower the transfer rates for serial connections, you would only need to do this if you had problems with an old serial device that you wished to use.

Why you have this problem, I don't know. As I meant to indicate before, unless you have a problem with a serial device, access to these settings are of no use to you at all.

It is worth knowing that IT people would recommend reinstalling your operating system at least once per year.

If this is the only problem you have I would suggest you ignore it.

If you want to reinstall XP I'm sure if you send in a post you will get a lot of advice on how to backup, reinstall XP and create an image disk (including other software,drivers and customization) that will enable you to restore your system in 30 minutes.

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Great beginning

by Cebbu In reply to This only happens if you ...

I second your opinion that it should happened only on limited account.

My computer has only one administrator account which is me and guest is turn off.

under my account in normal start-up, the advance setting is not greyed out but when click it pop up with the error "you must have write privileges in the registry for this device in order to modify the device's advanced setting". In safe mode i booted as administrator (not in my account as administrator but the administrator) and try the same but resulted with the same error response.

This setting is important to me for i have portable radios to program and guard patrol gadget that needed it.

Reinstalling XP is the last thing i want to do.

any recommendation or suggestion on registry setting or permission to be enable would be greatly appreciated. I would love to try them.

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Before editing the registry

by ComputerCookie In reply to Great beginning

I cannot find anything in the registry, do you realize how big it is? Search values are treated as a string and results can be huge.

Access to "Advanced Settings' should be covered by GP User Rights Assignments.

If you go to Run > Type gpedit.msc Enter
Expand "Computer Configuration"
Expand "Windows Settings"
Expand "Security Settings"
Expand "Local Settings"
Click on "User Rights Assignment"
Under "Modify firmware environment values" the security setting should be "Administrators".

What do you have?

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Taking the first step

by Cebbu In reply to Before editing the regist ...

under group policy, computer configuration, Windows settings, security settings, local policies, user rights assignment, value "modify firmware environment" my value is set to administrators

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