Gaming with a Hub vs. Switch/Router

By NateLANman ·
Hello Everyone,
I am going through a networking book and came across the differences between a hub and a switch. I had a theoretical question for anyone who could answer.
It's my understanding that the main differences between a Hub and a Switch are that a Hub broadcast information to all of its ports versus a Switch, which looks for the specific MAC address to where to send the information.
With that in mind, if you are playing a multiplayer game such as Quake/Doom, will the game run faster on a Hub versus a switch? The rationale being that each player connected to the hub must have the information. It would make sense that simply broadcasting the information to everyone on the hub would be faster than first searching for which port to send it to, then realizing that everyone needs it, and sending it to everyone.

Any guesses would be greatly appreciated! This is purely out of curiosity and for speculation.

Thanks in advance!

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Switch Versus Hub

by animatech In reply to Gaming with a Hub vs. Swi ...

As I understand it a hub simulate a single shared medium (as it is a box with multiple ports) while a switch simulate a bridge LAN.
The advantage of the switch over a hub is resembling the advantage of using a bridge LAN instead of a single segment parallelism.
Because a hub simulate a single segment shared by all computers, at most 2 computers can communicate through a hub at a single time.
Thus the maximum bandwidth of a hub system is the rate a single computer can send data across a LAN segment.
In switch LAN, however, each computer has a simulate LAN segment to itself.
As a result as many as one-half of the clients connected to switch can send data at the same time (To the clients that are not busy sending data).
Another advantage is that switch operate at a full duplex mode which allow your PC to send and receive at the same time while Hub is operating in half duplex mode.

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Answer of Gaming with a hub vs switch

by yasarcsc In reply to Gaming with a Hub vs. Swi ...

Hello Nate
In my point of view the answer of your question is that switch will be the best choice. The reason is this, when you are playing this game through internet than in that case you are connected using packet switching technology, mean that a computer will receive and send packet in order to play game. So the faster they receive packets more fastly the will play the game. And this job will be done by the switch.
Second distribute the speed to its client while a switch give full speed to each of its switch is the best.
Good luck
Muhammad Yasar Khan

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In reply to yasarcsc@... and animatech, Just to get this post up to date.

by jet1959mo In reply to Gaming with a Hub vs. Swi ...

I agree with both of you except, some hubs now come with full duplex resulting in full speed.
A switch must think and organize where to send these packets thus reducing packet loss and slowing the traffic a bit, where hubs just send the packets to all ports without thinking where to send it eventually causing packet collisions resulting in failure of delivery of packets (packet loss).
In my opinion, either will work for gaming online. Since NateLANman
didn't say how many computers are on the network at the same time, I am assuming multiple computers are on the net at the same time, a switch would be best. Now a days switches and hubs costs are equal until your connecting more than 5 computers at the same time.
Cost + 5 computers = switch : Cost + 2 computers = hub

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