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Gartner: Old Geezers can't handle IT

By Dr Dij ·
Oct 9th article in Computerworld outlines Gartner's attitude to old people in IT: we don't know s**t about IT and apparently we need twenty-something whippersnappers to tell us about new technologies, while we drive our old fuddy 'sedans' and see to our 'mid life crises' or our companies will go belly up.

Wow! I'm sure those whippersnappers will be doing us all a favor by replacing our mainframes with a trillion records with windows systems where individual files have a 2 gig size limit. Who cares about SSN records or the corporate data store when you can IM each other all day?

Seems they have 'culture' which will save us all! Balding baby-hating Jean Luc needs to be replaced with alien-womanizing Captn Kirk (or the 20 year old equivalent :)

With twenty seconds left, I guess we all WILL die.

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BAD BAD Sandy :^0

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sandy you should know bet ...

If he reappears he would most likely enjoy the spanking and any other form of punishment. :0

Scary thought isn't it?


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Well, should he prove to be a masochist, being a true sadist, ...

by deepsand In reply to Sandy you should know bet ...

I'll just have to refuse to punish him!

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You skipped a generation

by DeleteMyStuff In reply to Wow!! Get a Life

I graduated from high school and turned 18 the year the draft ended. I would have been in the draft the year <b>AFTER</b> I turned 18.<br/><br/>
<b><i>My generation</i></b> raised the generation who raised the spikey hair kids ...they are the grandparents of the spike heads. I'm acutely aware of this, because I was too busy in my 20s scuba-diving and sky diving to raise a family. I had my first kid at age 39 and the second at 43.<br/><br/>
I've said many times that my generation raised a bunch of idiots, who turned around and raised another bunch of idiots, who are poised as we speak, to pull the flush lever while standing in the middle of the bowl!<br/><br/>
I know I'll be <b>flamed</b> for this comment by all of the spike-heads who bother to look up from their wikis, blogs and social networks long enough to read this. But I suppose if they can insult my balding head and middle-aged belly, they must think they have tough enough hide to (or large enough intellects) to pick a fight.<br/><br/>
<b>Game on...</b>
(Notice that the <i>old fogey</i> can imbed HTML in the post to make it <u>a bit more readable</u> 'bout that spike-heads?)

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Spikey hair and all black ...

Clothest and Hairest - both forms of discrimination.

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by rflanagan In reply to Thats...

By your comment you wouldn't know what discrimination is if it bit you somewhere

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Wow hippee

by watchfires In reply to Spikey hair and all black ...

Well the kids at Columbine definately do not have anything to do with Kids with "spikey hair." This is probably coming from 60's gen, who, with the exception of those brave enough (the Vietnam Vets), dodged the draft and ended up parenting the Columbine gen. So if we are going to look at this gen today, we have to look at all of those with "Spikey hair" like myself who did not dodge the draft and decided to fight when my country needed me. Yes my parents rebelled in the 60's but they had to answer to the greatest generation of men alive, the WWII vets. If you graduated from high school at a time where the war was going on and you did not have the balls to fight for your country then YOU ARE THE REASON we have the Columbine generation, because those types of kids where raised by parents who lacked the testicular fortitude to parent there kids the right way, instead you were to busy trying to be cool parents. So next time you see a spikey hair kid remember that kid probably did more than i ever did for my own freedom.

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Having not experienced the '60s, your'e in no position to judge.

by deepsand In reply to Wow hippee

What makes you think that []you are qualified to sit in judgement of those who preceded you?

Perhaps, when you're a bit older, and, hopefully, a bit wiser, you'll understand the presumptiveness of your present rants against those who choose to follow a path not to your liking.

Until then, you would be well advised to refrain from making baseless generalizations.

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You young man are full of you know what

by susieq1967 In reply to Wow hippee

I was part of that 60'a crowd and my husband served proudly in Vietnam and was called a babby killer when he came home and forther more, our son is 39 years old and has kids that are the age of the columbine gen as you call them. I had my kids early and a lot of us old hippies did. So get your facts straight before you mouth off.; Your just showing how stupid you really are. And for that matter our son also served in the first gulf war so wecolme from a long line of military family. Don't generalize, it make you look like an horse behind.

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Are you too dumb or too cowardly to Subscribe to this discussion?

by deepsand In reply to Wow hippee

If you're not going to follow a discussion, don't even bother posting to it.

Or, have you determined that civility is too old-fashioned?

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Since you don't accept peer-to-peer messages, I conclude that "cowardly" ..

by deepsand In reply to Wow hippee

is the answer to the above question.

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