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Gartner: Old Geezers can't handle IT

By Dr Dij ·
Oct 9th article in Computerworld outlines Gartner's attitude to old people in IT: we don't know s**t about IT and apparently we need twenty-something whippersnappers to tell us about new technologies, while we drive our old fuddy 'sedans' and see to our 'mid life crises' or our companies will go belly up.

Wow! I'm sure those whippersnappers will be doing us all a favor by replacing our mainframes with a trillion records with windows systems where individual files have a 2 gig size limit. Who cares about SSN records or the corporate data store when you can IM each other all day?

Seems they have 'culture' which will save us all! Balding baby-hating Jean Luc needs to be replaced with alien-womanizing Captn Kirk (or the 20 year old equivalent :)

With twenty seconds left, I guess we all WILL die.

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I'm sorry to hear that...

by 50kilroy In reply to I knew I was too old for ...

It would seem that 'they' have forgotten just WHO it was who invented these blasted things.
IMO, we 'old fuddy-duddy' types should jolly well take our invention back from these Windows babies with their Micro$oft toilet-paper 'engineering' certs.
I'm _still_ fighting with a MS certified systems 'engineer' about the ability to connect to a Microsoft network using a DOS boot diskette.

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Well Stop doing it!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm sorry to hear that...

If you've been told that it can't be done you should immediately stop doing it as you are proving that we perform the Impossible Immediately. :^0

You don't want to go putting ideas into these peoples heads they are likely to explode attempting to understand why it works no matter how many times you show them it.

If that happens it your job to clean up the mess from their exploding heads.


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Can't be done?

by Guru Of D0S In reply to [b]Well Stop doing it![/b ...

Col, old son....

It's only the old timers like us that do the things they say can't be done!

Miracles we can do today....the impossible will take a couple of days....

Mike :-)

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How's Tricks Mike?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't be done?

Glad to see you back here on TR even if you are only paying a short visit.

I hope you are really enjoying yourself at the moment and have found that Life away from IT that you where looking for.

As I used to say We perform the Impossible Immediately Miracles take slightly longer and for comic relief we walk on water on the weekends when we have a bit of free time. I had to stop when I upset some Rabid Born Again Christian though as he took offense to the statement. That was at a training course that I was running and I don't think it helped that when someone said Jesus Christ when they had a problem I constantly replied You Called. Things where so much simpler before we all had to become PC.

The other one that I used to use was after performing a simple fix to a complex problem when asked How Much I used to say A Blondie Female Virgin will Do one bright spark said OK come with me and we walked to the near by maternity hospital and he stood outside the nursery and said Take Your Pick.

So after that I modified the reply to A 17 year old Blondie Female Virgin. Still occasionally use that one today when required. :^0

Col ]:)

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by curlergirl In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

In that case, they can go to technodamnation. Guess I'll just hop into my vintage Corvette Stingray with my Windows Mobile Smartphone and my Creative Vision MP3/video player and zoom off into the sunset. I'm sure I can find a nice beach somewhere....

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Same as it ever was

by TechExec2 In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

When we Boomers were in our 20s, many of us had similar thoughts about the management in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Now its our turn to be on the receiving end.

Damn whippersnappers!


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Ah yes for the glory days when I was the young insolent onbe!

by ray.oconnell In reply to Same as it ever was

Ah yes back in the day when I lived for learning the latest twist in MS networking or server strategy, while trying to apply my mainframe background to the insanity! How come I feel so stupid these days? How come it is such a pain to study for and pass and MS cert test? It used to be "fun!" Oh well back to my glass of wine and enjoying the sunset!

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Save a glass for the rest of us!

by imagiosstudios In reply to Ah yes for the glory days ...

We were all whippersnappers once, it's true. After semi-retirement forced me back to college,I took up IT training. Prior to that I published simple websites , using Front Page etc., for the computer clueless in my area. ...Well, at 53, with grey/white hair and tons of training for applications work, just TRY to get hired in IT! When I walk in, they act as if I'm just there to pick up my grandson.
Here's the really funny part,Ray. To patch up my bills while still in school I took a job at a deli counter. Some of the old college jobs come in handy now and then. NOT! after sitting alone in front of a monitor for several years, I was informed by the Boss that I lack the requisite Social Skills to sell someone a chicken sandwich......So I'll be jumping into my 17 year old Mazda 323, with it's 289,970 miles on it and joining you soon. Save me, and the rest of us a glass, nay, a few bottles.

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Your youth is showing.

by nighthawk808 In reply to Ah yes for the glory days ...

"Back in the day" you would have been learning the latest twist in Novell Netware. It was barely ten years ago when a CNE (Certified Novell Engineer) was practically a license to print money.

Believe it or not, there was a time when computers ran without Microsoft--because M$ didn't exist then. It may not seem like it, but less than two decades ago M$ was just another tiny fish in a big pond. At one point, they were in such dire straits that their own employees loaned the company money just to keep it afloat, while Novell was once the 800-pound gorilla of computer networking.

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PC "I see no reason for a computer in the home" Ken Olsen Founder DEC

by ray.oconnell In reply to Your youth is showing.

Ah yes i remember PC's coming to the light of day, by the IBM was the gorilla and even Novel was just a pest to them.
My son went to bootcamp for the USAF back in Aug. and we were talking about him taking a laptop after he got to his training station. I told him I don't know what the USAF would have for him since the PC was invented 2 years after I got out and the internet as we know it was a bunch of years later. Can you say Trash 80! 256k memory NO hard drive just a floppt and a $3k price!

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