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Gartner: Old Geezers can't handle IT

By Dr Dij ·
Oct 9th article in Computerworld outlines Gartner's attitude to old people in IT: we don't know s**t about IT and apparently we need twenty-something whippersnappers to tell us about new technologies, while we drive our old fuddy 'sedans' and see to our 'mid life crises' or our companies will go belly up.

Wow! I'm sure those whippersnappers will be doing us all a favor by replacing our mainframes with a trillion records with windows systems where individual files have a 2 gig size limit. Who cares about SSN records or the corporate data store when you can IM each other all day?

Seems they have 'culture' which will save us all! Balding baby-hating Jean Luc needs to be replaced with alien-womanizing Captn Kirk (or the 20 year old equivalent :)

With twenty seconds left, I guess we all WILL die.

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Trash 80?

by deepsand In reply to PC "I see no reason for a ...

The TRS-80 was a tinker's delight. Both the hardware & the OS were easily accessible & amenable to expansion & modification, making it an ideal platform for learning about microcomputers.

It spawned an entire industry devoted to providing products, services & publications (including BYTE) specifically for it.

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Do you have the superman comic?

by jdclyde In reply to Trash 80?

I do!

TRS-80's save the day! YEAH!!!!

Please tell me I am not the only comic book geek around here that knows what I am talking about?!?!


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TRS-80's save the day!

by deepsand In reply to Do you have the superman ...

I'll take your word on that one; when the TRS-80 arrived on the scene I was too busy with the ex & her kids, and our respective fledling businesses, to pay attention to any comics other than those in the Sunday paper.

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Will try to be respectful of my elders ;\

by jdclyde In reply to Do you have the superman ...

It must have been '78 when we got out model I?

I would have been 11 at the time. It was a toy. Startrek and chess were my main uses for the first few years. There was also some mummies tomb game as well.

About the comic:

The comic was nothing but an ad for Radio Shack, using superman to get people to read it.

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Sounds like you had the Level I

by deepsand In reply to Do you have the superman ...

Even with the Level I, dis-assembling the OS, examining the Schematics, & seeing how the I/O routines physically worked provided for a heretofore unavailable learning experience, one that was truly an adventure.

As for the comic, now that you've displayed it, I do have a recollection of seeing it on display in the RS stores.

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A few years later got the III

by jdclyde In reply to Do you have the superman ...

and we still have it, and yes, it works.

and because the comic was just a big ad, I think it was free from RS.

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I still use my 4-P.

by deepsand In reply to Do you have the superman ...

I still have my Mod 1, Levels I and II. At the moment, the Level II is down, owing to a dead FD controller.

As I had a lot of personal apps that I'd developed using TRS-DOS/LSI-DOS, CP/M & VISICALC, and as the Z-80 CPU in the 4-P is more than adequate, running them much faster than many WIN based machines, I continue to use it a regular basis.

And, although it weighs in at 42 lb., it is transportable, allowing me to take it on the road when I'll be gone for extended periods, and remain current on many tasks which do not require the I-net without having to rely on anything more than having access to AC power.

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I Remember That Now!

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Do you have the superman ...

It took me a couple of minutes but I remember that comic! I'm afraid to say it but I think I've got all of you beat. I first learned programming on a (new!) teletype console in high school (Go Patriots!). It had a mylar tape punch/reader and was modem-connected to a mainframe in the basement of another school in the system. Oh the joy of computer algebra I. After a few years I got a job at a major greeting card company as a mainframe COBOL programmer. We didn't even have terminals, it was all coding sheets and stacks of Holerith (spelling?) cards. Since then I've done everything else, Prime mid-range, Trash-80s, Dos, Novell, Windows, Unix, Linux, and about 25 programming languages.
And I STILL love it all.


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Camarillo ??

by HavaCigar In reply to Ah yes for the glory days ...

Hey, back in the old days (mid 80's) I enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen in a county park just outside Camarillo. Glad to see the sun is still setting there!

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Not quite right

by jdmercha In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

This is typical Gartner drivel. They seem to have a way of looking at the symtoms and finding a solution (or a direction) without ever hitting on the root casue.

They are correct in describing older people having more difficulty with technology, but age has nothing to do with it. Lack of managements understanding of technology is a much bigger problem.

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