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Gartner: Old Geezers can't handle IT

By Dr Dij ·
Oct 9th article in Computerworld outlines Gartner's attitude to old people in IT: we don't know s**t about IT and apparently we need twenty-something whippersnappers to tell us about new technologies, while we drive our old fuddy 'sedans' and see to our 'mid life crises' or our companies will go belly up.

Wow! I'm sure those whippersnappers will be doing us all a favor by replacing our mainframes with a trillion records with windows systems where individual files have a 2 gig size limit. Who cares about SSN records or the corporate data store when you can IM each other all day?

Seems they have 'culture' which will save us all! Balding baby-hating Jean Luc needs to be replaced with alien-womanizing Captn Kirk (or the 20 year old equivalent :)

With twenty seconds left, I guess we all WILL die.

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Gartner Drivel

by cs In reply to Not quite right

I've always thought of Gartner research as being lightweight and inconsequential. This latest news merely confirms it. It must be a corporate ethos that inflates their analysts ego's in logarithmic inversion of their ability.

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Old-timers don't have to handle it.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

That's why they hire you youngsters. Now, back to work, slave-bot! :)

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Again another inescapable piece of logic

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

Gartner := f'ingmoron;

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I absoluetely agree...Gartner has it's head too far up its ****

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Again another inescapable ...

to realize that the old geezers invented things like TCP/IP, or have they all of a sudden forgotten how the internet works?

what a bunch of ungrateful jackasses!

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Gartner and friends

by ray.oconnell In reply to I absoluetely agree...Gar ...

You forget many of them are the "kids" writing the story! They believe their own news clips!

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by jkameleon In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

For the time being, IT profession still wants me to stick around, not the other way around.

But, then again... I always was a "versatilitst".

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Younger people favor Windows

by stress junkie In reply to Gartner: Old Geezers can' ...

I tinink that Gartner's report is trying to favor the people who have a high opinion of Windows. These tend to be the younger and less experienced people.

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Younger people favor Windows

by CodeBubba In reply to Younger people favor Wind ...

>> ... these tend to be the younger and less experienced people. <<

Could be - however I think that's a little bit overly general. In my case I followed the Windows development trend mainly because that's where the business was. I don't knock Linux or any of the other platforms available - however when it came right down to it, I found a much wider audience for my software development skills under the Windows platform. Simple economics.

Aside from that the Windows platform has become very competent.

-CB :)

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I meant that Gartner generally loves Windows

by stress junkie In reply to Younger people favor Wind ...

What I meant was that since the report came from Gartner the report said that the people who are most likely to favor Windows are the important ones.

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I totally agree

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I meant that Gartner gene ...

I've seen way too many so called Small Business Specialists who live & Breath Windows and will not consider anything else no matter what is involved.

I got a good laugh at one place that specialises in CG with an IBM 2K CPU Blade where the New Boy had tried to install Windows 2003 Enterprise Server over SUSE that was quite happily running the system.

Not as a VM but as the OS and to hell with the version of SUSE that was running on that unit and it didn't matter that all the specialised Image Processing was done on Nix based applications Windows was the only way to go.

When the Graphic people complained I was called in to get the unit working again and was wondering just how many of the 2,000 CPU's that they where paying for where actually running as there is no possibility of any form of Windows that is currently available to drive that beast let alone allow work to be done in a timely manner.

I pulled the backup drive and swapped out the existing drive and had everyone happy in a few minutes except for the Young Guy who was insisting that they had to have Windows on that Blade as there was no other OS that was capable of working. After all they've only had that particular system in place for about 2 years now with very few problems. Every problem that I've had to fix has involved some New Young Guy messing up the system by installing some form of windows on it. Pity that they have never been taught just how little any form of Windows gets when it comes to the Scalability Stakes.

I left suggesting that if he really must run Windows on that thing he try creating a Virtual Machine and run 2003 ES from there but to leave the base OS alone so that work could be done. I naturally re-imaged the boot drive that he had mucked up originally and put it into safe storage so that a complete reload wouldn't be required when he messes it up again.

Their Down Time is measured in the Millions of $ per Hour and this young fool had to take out the system for 2 days for no good reason other than the fact that it wasn't running Windows.

I mainly blame the management for employing people like this but then again when I look at what is on offering I suppose that they have very little choice.


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