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Gas Prices

By rkuhn ·
You know, I really just want to puke.

After reading the following two articles, I have come to the conclusion that the granola eating, hairy armpit, tree hugging crowd along with the professors, '60's flower power, and theoretical BS crowd just don't get it.

I would agree as I think most would that we have to end our dependence on oil. For security reasons, for environmental reasons, for lots of reasons.

But what these people just don't get is that the rapid and largely unexplained raise in oil (gas, heating, electric...this is just the beginning) is killing the lower income crowd.

You know, as a hardcore independent, conservative (I'd be a Republican but they too like the Democrats have screwed everything up) I'd like to say "oh well, that's the free market".

But this is different. Poor people's lives are being screwed with. Imagine for a second (hopefully most of you are like me and aren't lower income, after all we are supposedly in a higher paying field). But imagine for a second that the one thing you can't do without (oil) is breaking the bank.

Imagine living in a city without a meaningful mass transit system. Imagine living in a city where your current home value has depreciated to the point where you can't move.

Imagine paying 20% of your income just to drive to work and keep the power on. Then, insult to injury...cereal, bread, milk...they all go up.

Imagine telling your son or daughter that there won't be any presents under the tree this year because all your present money went to some Saudi king.

What's next? Where's the next hurricane?

Imagine being a single parent with two kids making $30,000 a year. Imagine for a second.

What the **** have our "leaders" been doing for the last 30 years? It's time to kick them all out of office.

Where's the solar power? Nuclear? Where the **** is all the sources of power we need without paying the towel heads (sorry) all the money we give them so they can finance the guns, bombs and other crap to turn around and kill us?

I've had it. My ballot in November will be all write in's. No voting for the freaking Democrats or Republicans.

How did we get to this point? I'll tell you. We got here because all of our "leaders" are too busy being greedy, self serving and worthless. To them, it's not about what can I do for my country, it's about how many times they get get their ugly face on TV and how many special interest dollars they can get.

They need to stop talking and start getting something done.

I work my *** off for a living. I manage my house pretty darn well. All I ask is for our "leaders" to do the same.

P.S. Many books have been written about the next world war. It's not going to be about politics, nationality, race, whatever.

It'll be about resources. Prepare yourself.

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Full tank is no 'Myth'

by dawgit In reply to Well all I can say

While it might not matter to you kiwi's down there, in the Northern Latitudes it is important. Canada is rather North if my maps are correct, as is most of Europe, and that is even taught in the driving schools. Why you ask? Because of condisation. Gasoline is made up of water as well as oils stuff. (hence: <i>Hydro</i>-Carbons.) When a tank is kept near full there is less condisation and there full less water in the tank. In winter the water aclumulating in a tank kept at less than ⅓ full will acumulate enough water to freeze the fuel system. (As in car don't work.) Your engineer friends should have known this.
As for the additives, you haven't got a clue here as to the chemicle make up of modern petrolem products. Yes they do have additives, all of them do, and yours does too. They actual mixture will depend on the climate area where they will be consumed. Basic Fuel Management Courses cover this. -d

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No Myth - continued

by jdclyde In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

There is also a difference in the fuel additives for the different seasons, to help with freezing and such.

Another big problem with the empty tank is for the long term life of your car.

There is the condensation previously mentioned that makes your car run like crap, but it also causes the inside of the tank to rust. The flakes get knocked off when you fill up and settle to the bottom of the tank.

The further down in the tank you get, the more of the particles you are sucking into your engine. When is the last time you changed your fuel filter?

I consider 1/4 as empty. I can't do 1/2 because I would have to get gas every day instead of every other day like I do now. (700 miles a week minimum).

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Now you guys are making things up

by Tearat In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

This is a very important off topic discussion
What is not needed is more people fooling around

You should both be ashamed of yourselves

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You are kidding, right?

by Oz_Media In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

I am sure you are but I figured I'd check, sometimes its hard to tell without voice inflection and so far you have been fairly serious about this issue.

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You mean you were being serious?

by Tearat In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

In an off topic part of the discussion
With no real importance or relevance to the real subject

The real subject

People on low incomes trying to make ends meet and the effect that the rising price of gas has on their lives
A very serious subject that
An important one as well

Some things I know
They will not be able to fill their cars up very often
Some will struggle to keep at above the ? full mark
Car repairs will be impossible
Maintenance will be nonexistent

Make this little argument about ? ? and full tanks look pretty stupid

Bad bad ratty
No cheese or wine tomorrow

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No, No I'm not kidding.

by dawgit In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

It just is.

And Techno, I'm not arguing wither it tough to pay for the gas, but if one can only afford to pay for a ⅛ tank of go-juice it should be the top ⅛ <i>not</i> the bottom ⅛. That also leaves enough for emergencies, such as trips to the Hospital, or Flood Evacuation. -d

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Nice thinking

by Tearat In reply to Full tank is no 'Myth'

But I don?t see it happening
The gas stored in the tank is the same as money sitting idle

They will just use it to try and stretch the budget
And hope there are no emergencies

It would be nice to live in an ideal world
But this is the one we are stuck with

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Oh definitely

by Oz_Media In reply to Well you do have a good p ...

In no way do I think the Russian army was not forced at gunpoint to stay for the fight until every last one was dead. They were myrdered by their own as well as the Nazis.

Germany had almost conquered southern Russia at one point, working towards Caucasan and the oil wells. that woul dhave offered teh German war machine a much needed boost right there.

But as arrogant as Stalin was, Hitler was too and wanted to make a point by taking our Stalingrad as it held Stalins name. He pulled troops from further south where they were successful and, against the wishes of many a commander whom he quickly let go, he ordered an invasion in Stalingrad.

They were simply outmatched, Russians had nothign to lose by sitting there in the snow for days while fighting, Nazi's were not equipped or used to it. Russians weren't used ot eating well, being warm etc. They had been repressed for too many years already and pretty much just stood their ground wihle being shot en mass. But the retreating and destruction of anythign left behind was a good tactical move, it allowed the Nazi's to advance but acquire nothing.

It was such a key turning point, as were the Battle of Britain, Battle of the Bulge and several others. Without Russia, the end would have been much different, if in Allied favour at all.

Sure, D-Day saw a great insurgence of allied troops. Those troops beat a tiring and overworked army back into Berlin, but should it have happened four years earlier, I don't think it would have seen the same outcome, which even then was only barely positive.

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Man are you losing it

by Tearat In reply to Oh definitely

Ok I will assume this is placed wrong

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Had it not been for that diaster of the Russian Front...

by dawgit In reply to Oh definitely

... There most probabley not have been a Battle of the Bulge. The deaster of that missadventure (on the Russian Front) was the single most important turning point of the War in Europe. A stragic blunder from the begining. Lessons learned? Doesn't look like it. The US's misadventure in Iraq is proving not much different. Sad times indeed. -d

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