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Gas Prices

By rkuhn ·
You know, I really just want to puke.

After reading the following two articles, I have come to the conclusion that the granola eating, hairy armpit, tree hugging crowd along with the professors, '60's flower power, and theoretical BS crowd just don't get it.

I would agree as I think most would that we have to end our dependence on oil. For security reasons, for environmental reasons, for lots of reasons.

But what these people just don't get is that the rapid and largely unexplained raise in oil (gas, heating, electric...this is just the beginning) is killing the lower income crowd.

You know, as a hardcore independent, conservative (I'd be a Republican but they too like the Democrats have screwed everything up) I'd like to say "oh well, that's the free market".

But this is different. Poor people's lives are being screwed with. Imagine for a second (hopefully most of you are like me and aren't lower income, after all we are supposedly in a higher paying field). But imagine for a second that the one thing you can't do without (oil) is breaking the bank.

Imagine living in a city without a meaningful mass transit system. Imagine living in a city where your current home value has depreciated to the point where you can't move.

Imagine paying 20% of your income just to drive to work and keep the power on. Then, insult to injury...cereal, bread, milk...they all go up.

Imagine telling your son or daughter that there won't be any presents under the tree this year because all your present money went to some Saudi king.

What's next? Where's the next hurricane?

Imagine being a single parent with two kids making $30,000 a year. Imagine for a second.

What the **** have our "leaders" been doing for the last 30 years? It's time to kick them all out of office.

Where's the solar power? Nuclear? Where the **** is all the sources of power we need without paying the towel heads (sorry) all the money we give them so they can finance the guns, bombs and other crap to turn around and kill us?

I've had it. My ballot in November will be all write in's. No voting for the freaking Democrats or Republicans.

How did we get to this point? I'll tell you. We got here because all of our "leaders" are too busy being greedy, self serving and worthless. To them, it's not about what can I do for my country, it's about how many times they get get their ugly face on TV and how many special interest dollars they can get.

They need to stop talking and start getting something done.

I work my *** off for a living. I manage my house pretty darn well. All I ask is for our "leaders" to do the same.

P.S. Many books have been written about the next world war. It's not going to be about politics, nationality, race, whatever.

It'll be about resources. Prepare yourself.

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Well you do have a good point

by Tearat In reply to Gas Prices

Dependence in any non domestic fuel is bad
So what do we do?
You could walk, but that is to far for most
The main problem is mobile energy sources

In every car we have a power plant
One of the easy solutions would be to cut down the number of power plants or install a smaller version

We could look at joining the cars into a train but how and who pays is a problem

Anyway some driving tips

Slowly accelerate
Brake as little as possible
Do not fill the car up any more than you have too (why carry around the weight of extra fuel)

Wear more or less clothes depending on the temperature
(AC costs, heating costs)

Try to keep the weight of your car to a minimum
Check the cars aerodynamics (cut down on air friction)
Silly stuff like shiny paint can help

Most of that is obvious anyway
Wonder how much I lose carrying around hubcaps
I will keep the spare tyre

Good to know your MPs are no worse than ours

I don?t have to imagine living in a city without a meaningful mass transit system

Solar power needs to be researched it will get there
Wind is too unpredictable
But sails may help especially with getting away from the hurricane

I don?t have any kids to worry about thank god
Now Neil don?t take that the wrong way it is just a saying

$30,000 a year is that all IT pays over there?

May have to move

Want to hear something funny

We will be having elections here this year
It makes no difference who gets into power
They will be spending the time covering their Asses

Fuel is up
Power is up and the supply will fail at some time this year
Interest rates are up
Food is up
Unemployment is up
Wages are down (yay opps no boo)

Not the best time for any government
Gen Y will be a big help too
How I don?t know
But they are young let them walk

Rick the war is not that far away
Supply or resources much the same thing
But it is hard to fight a war without them

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A couple more tips

by neilb@uk In reply to Well you do have a good p ...

from our nice people at the Ministry. What they would REALLY like is for us all to walk everywhere.

Keep the tyres - that's tires to you guys - pumped up to pressure.

Open the window and turn off the aircon in town or below 40mph. On the motorway - freeway - windows up and on with the aircon.

Keep the air filter clean.

Make sure that the engine - lube - oil is clean.

if your cars a manual gearbox - stick-shift - watch the revs and change up before 2,500rpm.

Avoid short journeys as the catalytic converter won't warm up.

Thank God I live near a main-line train station. :)

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Thanks for the Tips Neil

by Tearat In reply to A couple more tips

I am sure you are a godsend to some people

Cheers Steve
PS I will pray for you
Now where is my wallet

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Great tips, but not enough

by rkuhn In reply to A couple more tips

Your suggestions are helpful, but not enough.

What we need is a more comprehensive solution. One that includes more drilling, more nuculear, more solar, more biofuels, more of everything.

The probem is that the solution does require a little of everything but there is always some group that will kill each part of the solution.

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by rkuhn In reply to Well you do have a good p ...

I wasn't referring to my salary (I make alot more than that).

But imagine being a single parent, having a kid or two, and maybe working as some minial office worker making $30,000.

Think about this for a second. Over here, the Democrats are typically the party of the "poor".

Yet the Democrats solution so far seems to be "grin and bare it" or "suck it up".

Sort of iroinic.

I really don't think rich people get it.

Let's do some math. Say you drive 12,000 miles a year (probably average). Say your car gets 25 miles per gallon (probably average). That means you'll use 480 gallons of gas a year. If gas has gone up $2 a gallon recently, that's an additional $960 a year out of your pocket.

Multiple that by two if you're married.


Now, $960 to me is an inconvenience. $960 to some people breaks the bank.

And that's $960 a year only for gas in the car. Add on increased food costs, increased heating and cooling for the home, and increased inflation.

The real income of most people in society today is shrinking. Bottom line, you make less every year. End of story.

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by Tearat In reply to $30,000

I thought it was a bit low

Since I am not a US citizen
I would not try to influence your vote
Unlike some of the TR members who live on the northern side of one of your borders

AS a rule I see politics as a waste of time
In NZ we have two main political parties
Labour and National

Labour has its origins in the labour movement
National the older is more towards the business side

Both are trying to occupy the middle ground
So we have very little choice

The minor parties hold the balance of power
The last two governments have been coalitions

But thanks for the info

Yes I think it is real stupid to be dependant on 1 source of fuel
There should have been real competition to oil 20 years ago

What we are seeing now is the result of low oil prices for too long
Every part of our societies will have to adjust
But it is always the people on low incomes who foot the bill

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by stever In reply to $30,000

Your points a very good however, not sure where you are but I have friends and family that don't make $15000.00 a year and some with from 2-6 kids. These are families that both parents work. And they make to much money for assistance. I can tell you they do go without alot.
I am just barely over your 30000.00 mark and I am an IT Manager. Here in the midwest where I'm at, what I make is considered good. To bad they don't consider the fact that with fuel, food, utilities, medical, etc what I make frankly sucks.
This is a crisis and a shame in one of the Best countries in the world.
Oh, some of the suggestions on saving fuel are lame if you look at the actual savings they would create. And they don't help with everything else that has inflated.
Best solution would be to release the fuel cell technology. Of course that has the potential of actually putting the oil companies out of business. I have been following the fuel cell technology since it's early days and although the real promising ones were bought by Utility Companies and Oil companies and now most of the exceptional systems patents are locked under their control.
I wish I had the know how to create a system. Unfortunately, chemistry or the means to build are not within my expertise or ability.
I know maybe some of you could do it?? From what I read here I know some of you could.

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Some of the patents were sold

by Tearat In reply to 30000????

to the oil companies by the vehicle manufacturers

Guess we know where they sit on the subject

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by dawgit In reply to 30000????

It's been over thirty 30 years since I've been in the Quad City area, (I went to college, one of them, in Oskaloosa) and I see some things haven't changed. It was the same then, only at that time there was hope. Sad. Iowa has always impressed me as having a population with a higher level of inteiegence than the rest of the US. How did they get left off the gravy train? Or were they smart enough to stay off the credit train?
BTW there are some smart people working on the problems. But, that's science and you won't hear about in the media. They're too busy with their noses up the polico's butt, or panty watching in Holywood. These are sad times indeed. -d

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Again, double standards by oz

by DanLM In reply to $30,000

I marked 2 of your posts as spam. One where you addressed Techrat directly in your insult.

Get with the program Oz... Your comprehensive reading skills suck. Your retention of the materal read is even worse.

Mutiple examples of both throughout this conversation.

And oz. Your offensive.. I respond and mark as spam only what offends me.

Your a bigot. That offends me greatly. Always has. I could care less if your a stupid moron that can't remember what people say and rant about completely off topic subjects.

And oz, as an example of retention capabilities being in the crapper. I did mention that I had bad eye site now didn't I. You do remember that don't you.

You can follow this logic now can't you. I have problems trying to see within the small space of this posting window. Gee oz, eyesite. Seeing within a small confined space. They are completely related now arn't they.

Ever wonder you bigot if that may a part of the reason not all sentences are laid out in order. That I can not scroll back easily and review?

So, whats your problem with your typing. I have noted your retention abailities over any period of time on what people say. That is why you miss quote others. That may explain why you can't type worth crap.

Oz... Your an aragont prick that could care less about anyone or anything. You crizisze and offer nothing. You shove your nose in other people's buisness. When they point out the faults of your position. You resort back to the only thing your good at. Being a bigot.

And bigottry is the only thing you have been consistant with in this thread and many other thread. If all else fails when your arguing, you insult a complete nation of people.

People like you with attitudes such as yours should be shot. That is the type of attitude that gives us war in the middle east. That is the type of attitude that gives us riots... Your attitude Oz. Your the sick pup, not I.

Id love to see you have the balls to state your very same positions in public where others can see how much of a bigot you really are. Wonder how long it would take before you were removed from the place on a streatcher.

And no, that was not a threat. So don't miss quote me. Just an observation that I think your also a coward.


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