Gateway 7422 Laptop unable to boot from cd

By lauraj ·
I cannot get the Gateway 7422 Laptop to boot from the cd. I have changed the settings in the bios for boot sequence and even confirmed in the "secondary master" that it is recognized by the bios.

Is there way to confirm that the cd/dvd unit is bad?

Another issue with this machine is that I am trying to replace the hhd. I have initialized the drive through my xp workstation - computer management - disk management. I added a partition. I installed the hhd in another computer started the "Ping-PartImage" (a unix software able to start partition drives)and could not write a new partition or see the partition that I created to the hhd, "access denied." What is the best way to format the hhd to

Is is just coincindental that both the hhd and the cd/dvd happened to go out about the same time?

Help please.

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Re hard drive - why didn't you just install it

by ComputerCookie In reply to Gateway 7422 Laptop unabl ...

XP can partition and format it.

Re CD/DVD, if the laptop is not working the only way I know how to test it in the laptop if there is no OS installed is to run a diagnostic program e.g. microscope!

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Jcoo is right

by tintoman In reply to Re hard drive - why didn' ...

You have gone to a lot of trouble which was unnecessary. You could have fitted the new HDD without initialising it and formatting.
However that doesn't answer your question does it, so if you are sure the CD/DVD you are trying to boot from is a genuine bootable installation disk it does seem that you might have a hardware issue, this is assuming that the CD drive is listed in the basic CMOS settings when you boot and enter setup.
I have seen this issue a few times though with copied windows disks, because the copy process wasn't done properly.
If you have access to other boot discs like norton ghost or erd commander or something you could try them to verify the drive.
I'm not really sure how you would run a diagnostic without a disc drive unless you have a floppy drive as well

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Re: Gateway 7422 Laptop unable to boot from cd

You could buy a External floppy dive that you connect to your laptop and then put on diagnostic software of which i have put a link below, copy the "harddrive" section.
Is your cd/dvd listed in your "bios"?, If possible you can test it by downloading a linux disk or getting a bootable linux disk from a linux magazine, this way you will be able to test your dc/dvd drive.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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The cd is listed but...

by lauraj In reply to Re: Gateway 7422 Laptop u ...

Thank you for the link. Can I try this with an USB memory stick instead of an external floppy?

Yes, I have gone through a lot of trouble!

1) The original 80gig 4200rpm hdd drive died! Replaced it with a new a 80gig 5200rmp hhd.

2) Wouldn't boot from the Gateway Recovery CD, a Win XP CD, or even a bootable linux "Ping."

3) Still thinking it was a hhd issue, I formatted the hhd in my workstation then tried it.

4) Looked in the cmos and both the hhd and cd both show up.

So I guess my question is... Is the CD/DVD toast?

Thanks for your help. The replies have been useful!


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Possible cause..

Yes you can try with the usb drive with Linux but it might flagup "error no A/: drive" or something simuler. An external floppy is very handy (if you can get them) they are cheap and it makes the whole install/diaganostics easier. Your CD/DVD drive might have given up the ghost (dead), best to replace it and try again.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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