Gateway is acting strange

By skater4life727 ·
Recentley my Gateway GT5028 has been acting strange. Usually when I unplug my computer from the back or the wall I plug it back in and have to press the power button on the tower and a few seconds later I would hear a beep confirming, I'm guessing, that it would work, because thats usually how I knew it was going to boot up right. Now, however, when I plug in the computer, it automatically turns on and I don't get the beeping sound anymore and it will not boot up correctley. Can anyone help me out please?

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Turning on when a mains lead is plugged in

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gateway is acting strange

Is not unusual with ATX Power Supplies so that's not something that I would be looking at as anything of concern.

Now as for the lack of sound and I'm supposing Video as well here that's a totally different story. You should get a Gateway Splash Screen before the Windows Splash Screen appears and while the Gateway Splash Screen is up there should be somewhere on the screen press key X to enter BIOS.

Depending on the age of the machine it's possible that the BIOS Battery has gone flat and needs replacing but some more information wouldn't go astray here as to what you are actually seeing on the monitor.

So turn on the Monitor and make sure that th unit is plugged in and then turn on the Computer and tell me what happens.


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When I turn the monitor on

by skater4life727 In reply to Turning on when a mains l ...

When I turn the monitor and computer on the only thing that appears is "Check source and connection." and then it desappears after about 3-5 seconds. I have already checked all cords going to and from the computer. I read a thread on this site about the power switch on the tower might be jammed in a power save position or something along those lines.

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The Power & Reset switch generally only jam on

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to When I turn the monitor o ...

New Cases where there is a manufacturing flaw in the plastic extrusion that makes the outside button and allows it to stick in the OPEN position. As these are both Press to work switches they rely on a single contact to work so unless these switches have been abused quite severely they are unlikely to be a problem.

The switches themselves are fairly reliable and in my experience it's always been the actual Plastic Knobs where the problems come from though I suppose it is possible to break the switches themselves. The way to check this is to trace the wires from the Power & Reset Switch to the M'Board and remove them. If there is no difference the switches are not causing any problems. If the unit behaves differently then either the switch has been damaged or the wire has been damaged and is causing problems. Sometimes the Wires can get caught and have the insulation stripped off them and short out to the case and cause problems but you will see this very easily when you look at them.


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Same problem

by teddleman In reply to Gateway is acting strange

I also live in Lake Kiowa, and having similar problems. call me at 668-3120

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lake kiowa

by teddleman In reply to Gateway is acting strange

I am having the exact same problem with my GT5028, and I also live in lake kiowa. Please call me at 668-3120 or 665-9478

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by Dr Dij In reply to lake kiowa

this appears to be a power supply virus going around the Lake Kiowa, TX area!

Maybe some nanobots crawled out of the lake and into your PC due to greedy industrialist polluting it.. I'm sure the nanobots look like little electrified slugs or toothy things or those sparking fire-starter madagascar roaches, movie to follow :)

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by skater4life727 In reply to Gateway is acting strange

Well i figured out that it was the motherboard. I need to get a new one that is compatible and that will run smoothly with an Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS. Anybody got any ideas?

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good luck

by gibsonplayr17 In reply to Motherboard

the motherboard on the gt5028 is a mBTX AMD motherboard with a 939 socket. The only mBTX boards out there are intels. I have been searching for a while and cannot find any replacements, because my computer has done the same thing. Apparently the Foxconn mobo sucks and doesn't last very long. I had bought my computer only a year ago. If anyone has any ideas as to where you can find mBTX mobos for an AMD 939 (Athlon 64x2) processor, LET ME KNOW! OTherwise, I am going to get a new ATX case and a new ATX mobo and start fresh.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to good luck


A couple of MSI boards that are still available from my supplier, so I assume they are generally available.



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GT 5028 Motherboard.

by teddleman In reply to good luck

I tried posting an answer earlier but do not find where it took. IF it later shows, forgive me.

I wound up doing what you are considering (buying a new tower and motherboard). It cost me $338.00 counting labor, a new media reader, new power supply, and a new heat sink. I upgraded the power supply from the weak 300 Watts to a 450 Watt for two reasons. I put a Geforce 7600gs video card in and it needs at least 400 watts, plus the shop that fixed my computer said they had seen several motherboards fail that had the same power supply that the 5028 came with. Computer works fine now.

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